opinion matters!

Opinion matters!
Not everything is spelt out in a name you know..
As they say ‘never judge a book by its cover’. Just because a place or a person sounds or doesn’t sound  nice, interesting etc.  doesn’t mean that this is going to be the case.

Most of the times we just form an opinion based on what we have heard or seen, rather than our own experience. 

Whatever we choose to do or not do in life, our prior experience as well the one we may have in the future, plays a crucial role in determining what kind of association, we are likely to form.
Like you go to a popular cafe, order the best drink available there and don’t like it! Not that they made it purposely bad, but because u have a different taste than the rest!

Or you meet a person whom no one likes ‘in general’ and ur interaction tells u that u like this person. May be there’s something about him/her that others are not able to see. Or you end up disliking the most liked person!

It’s not that we shouldn’t go by others’ opinions, but experiencing something first hand always has its own meaning. And somewhere, we need to trust ourselves with what we think or feel.
Im not saying that people don’t do that. But its become quite easy to get swayed by what others think/feel about us, about our choices etc. So much so, that without realising, we allow them to make choices for us.

For instance, the not being ‘fat’ is the in-thing today. Agreed, being fat is not good. But not because one should look attractive all the time. But because it’s not healthy!

So, the focus should be on losing weight or fat..but not losing our mind over weight!

Probably we never realise, but our opinions tend to be quite frivolous in the beginning. They are more like fleeting statements, till we actually find something to substantiate it-either by fluke or by conscious effort. E.g. I don’t like her. why? um...i don’t know..
Similarly, people say ‘i want to lose weight’ or ‘i want to do this, that etc’. why? Because you want to be like someone else?

Why??why do u want to be like someone else, do what someone else is doing when you are endowed with choices of your own?
Why cant it be as simple as ‘I want to be healthy’ or ‘i want to look good’ or ‘i like it’ or ‘i don’t want to do it’...?

It’s not possible to ‘not listen’ to what others have to say. But its not necessary to always go by what they say. Pressure to conform to something should only be encouraged by the self, if one can see something positive coming out of it.

There are always two kinds of lenses through which one sees the world-your own and that of others.
Just like there are no absolutes in life, there is no one lens that’s correct for every situation, place or person.

People who wear specs, may not have the same power in both eyes...but they still wear both the lenses together.

No matter where u go, whom u meet or whatever u do...balance will always be the key to comfort and security.

Even in opinions, if we’re able to knit our as well the world view together perfectly, we may just be able to get a wonderful experience!


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