Quick Judgments!

It's human nature to just look at someone and quickly decide what sort of a person he/she is.Not even 'may be', 'could be', 'might be'...simply he/she 'is'.

Categories come easily to us, as though that was and is the prime objective for us.To meet people, talk to them, see them behave in a particular manner; for our own convenience or peace of mind, we label them as 'good',bad','weird','rude','annoying','sweet' etc

It doesn't really matter where the person is coming from,  or what kind of a situation he/she is in, at that particular moment or for many moments to come.

Why are we so quick to judge? to assume? to believe in our assumptions?

And it always feels good when we find out,  that our so-called 'judgment' about the person was correct.

"See!i told you he's like that only!" 

Where do these judgments come from? why is it so important for us to assume and believe in ,what we think about the people we meet?

If we happen to like someone, we believe that everything about him/her is good.

If we expect someone to behave in a certain way, and we witness quite the contrary; he/she becomes the 'not-so-good/bad person.

Sometimes, the first meeting with someone can make us envious of the way he/she is, or the things he/she has etc. 
Thus, we end up putting him/her in our 'not-so-like-able' list. Just the fact that deep inside we want to be like this person, sets off our 'ego' on a trip.

Nothing and no one can make us believe otherwise,  because we don't want to believe it.

Ego preservation at work you see ;)

The things we lack in ourselves; seeing them dancing and receiving the adulation from others up-front and for someone else, doesn't really create a very pleasant feeling..does it?

Human nature...survival instinct...ego preservation...all at work at once!

But can we do away with judging people completely?

May be not-because that's what our basic nature tells us to do- that's how we end up with being friends with people and staying away from those we don't like.

The problem perhaps,  is not 'judging people' per say.Rather, basing our judgments on half baked ideas and situations.

Looking at behavior without a consideration to the time,place and reason..is like a painting without a face-just the body-painted and sprayed, but no face to give it an identity.

Sometimes people act differently than who they actually are..

"Being judgmental about people is like throwing pebbles in still water;

what we see is a blurred image of who the person actually is"

damini grover


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