The Lost Soul of Friendship

   The Friendship that was...

I have always believed that friends play a very crucial role in our lives.
Our family is that set of people,that is chosen for us,while our friends is the family that we choose for ourselves.
There are many ways through which we meet our friends.But the decision to include them in our lives or not, lies solely with us (knowingly or unknowingly).

No matter where you are,at which stage of life you're in, in which situation you are; you always need a friend.
I think we're naturally programmed to share somethings with family and some with friends.And it's even better when the lines between these two categories are blurred or non-existent

Friendship comes in so many shapes and sizes and is loaded with so many situations and meanings.

Yet, at the root of it lies the feeling of 'sharing'.

 A friend is someone, with whom you can share just about anything under the sun.Sometimes we end up with friends who are similar to us and sometimes we are poles apart.
Yet, we want them, because it's a human tendency and need to 'share' your life with those around you.Those people, who occupy those 'special' places in your hearts.

Lucky are those, who have been able to preserve the soul of their friendship right from its inception.

If you can close your eyes and think of even one person who doesn't make you insecure,or makes you want to share your thoughts and emotions without hesitation,then that's true friendship.

If you can genuinely feel happy for your friend's success and not fret over your 'non-accomplishments' in that moment; then you have a genuine friendship.If you can even acknowledge your own weaknesses in comparison, and still be happy for your friend, or vice-versa, it is a bond worth cherishing.

When someone's mere presence or voice, makes you feel that things aren't that bad or you feel 'happy-high' after some inane conversation, just smile at yourself and at your relationship.

We should be glad for the fact, that there are some people in our lives who are as crazy and idiosyncratic in their own ways as we are.

We should rejoice at the fact, that no matter what happens,someone will never leave your side.

But,something has changed over the years and the change is progressing. Friendship still exists, friends are still there.However, the soul is missing.

The soul that carries meaning with it, is missing.

Friends are now categorized for purpose. Information is not shared,but disseminated.

The intent to remain friends is replaced by time ,work,priorities and other excuses.

Friendship is gripped by insecurity,jealousy and defense and need. With so many infiltrators coming in,the soul is scared and lost. And it knows that perhaps, no one will make an attempt to find it.We are too busy with our own insecurities to even notice that it's missing.

We don't need friends because we want to share our lives.In fact, we want to guard our lives as much as we can and we just 'need' friends to hang out with, to engage in some social activities, to fill up our parties and celebrations, Facebook accounts, to deal with the 'mundane-ness' of life.

 Times have changed. We are  progressing.But are we really?  

In these times,when everything is at our disposal, we still hang onto our needs..

And fulfillment of one, generates another.Sometimes even the line between needs and wants is blurred.

Friendship is suffering.It's loosing its meaning or has already lost it.And has decided to take innocence,comfort,security and sharing with it.

Is it going to return?

May be, if it feels that someone is calling out to it with all its heart.

There I was sitting by the bay,
when I saw him walking away
I called out to him,
but he didn't listen
I ran up to him and faced him;
I saw his eyes;they didn't glisten
"What's wrong?" I asked
He said nothing.
Just kept walking,

He is friendship
that once was-
honest,pure and secure
Now,he's just obscure.

There is need,there is greed
and so much pretence
His body has lost it's innocence.
His soul is intact but wants to be freed

So he is walking away

I can see him, just walking away...


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