I am free

Let me be imperfect, I don't know how to please you. 

Let me be broken,I don't know how to piece you.

Let me not be a shadow, I don't know how to follow you.

Let me be alone,I don't know how to be with you. 

You can't be my light for I am not in the dark. 

You can't darken my world, that's filled with my light. 

You want me to walk but I know how to run. 

You want me to stop, but I know how to have some fun. 

I don't know how to listen to you for you don't know how to talk.. 

You can't listen to me because to myself.. I talk.

 I go on exploring this world so full of me.. I don't have time for yours.

 Perhaps you should do too and then you wouldn't be so busy with me.

You can't catch me for I am the wind.. I blow, I flow and wrap everything around me in my own air.

Wrapped in my own imperfections.. I am free.


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