Hello to me!

We are so busy earning, partying, running behind people, chasing our dreams ferociously; that by the time we get to these 'achievements'..life has already slipped by.

Living in our hi-tech bubbles, we seem to have this endless sense of time for everything else, but ourselves.

Seriously,this 'me' time...is it only confined to shopping, movies, partying,etc.? Of course you are in a relaxed mood! -away from the hustle-bustle of your daily life,your nagging problems. But is 'being away' or "blocking those unwanted thoughts"  enough?

Of course it's enough! Just enough to let you slip into your little delusional world, where these problems and thoughts, don't seem to exist.

But the fact is that they do.

Just because you close your eyes, you don't see the world; doesn't mean that the world can't see you.

The best part of this 'me time' is , that the world can see your problems ,can read through your pretense and sooner or later finds a way to penetrate this so called 'wall'.

This wall which in essence, is transparent.

Sometimes,we need to be a little more than 'just fair' to ourselves. Sometimes, we need to spend some time with those thoughts, issues and problems, that we are simply trying to avoid or postpone.

Whether it's an issue with our parents, our siblings,friends,spouse or something not really going our way at work or in a relationship etc.; we do need to sit down with these thoughts and work our way through them.

An effective 'me time' would only be so effective, if we are able to break out of these self created shells, get out of our blankets and see things as they really are.

Is it easy to confront our fears,weaknesses and the so called 'loopholes' in our thinking pattern? No.
And it's made more difficult by the fact, that we hardly ever let our mind wander into these forbidden territories.

Time over time,we learn more and more ways to blanket our issues.We find more and more ways to run away from them, build more and more walls of defense. But seldom do we realize, that when these walls break; and that too suddenly..we are the ones who have a tear in our eye.

I guess more than sometimes,we owe a fundamental process of discovery,growth and development to ourselves .A process that no school, college, institution can teach us.

A process that can only stem from within...when we are ready for ourselves.
Damini Grover


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