There might not be a 'tomorrow'..

 There might not be a 'tomorrow'..

There is something strange about this phenomenon called 'life'.

Some people say it's too short.Some say it's a long road ahead.Clearly, life is not something to be measured in hours,years or kilometers..

Then what do you do with it?Well,you just live it.And living life is not easy.

It's not about having or not having 'things' or 'people' or 'experiences' to lead a fulfilling life.Life is complete in itself  ,because it encapsulates our existence.We're not here because we have a list of people to love,list of things to complete,journeys to undertake,achievements to be achieved.

Life is so much more..

And everyday we wake up thinking that there will be another day,another tomorrow where we would be able to do all the things we couldn't do today.

What if that tomorrow doesn't come one day?

What will happen to that big list that we keep drawing up day after day? It'll all be meaningless.

It can happen to anyone. As I write this,I wonder what would actually happen if there were no me...

What would happen if I lost someone really close to me...?

What would happen if there is no tomorrow that I'm waiting for?

May be not much.

Yet,what I can and need to do,is to make my today a little more meaningful by doing those things, that I've not yet had the courage to even initiate.

I fight with my parents a lot.Sometimes they don't understand me and sometimes I don't. There are times,when I don't even speak to them properly.I feel victimized when I'm scolded for things. But, I have never thanked them for the efforts and sacrifices that they've made. I haven't appreciated them enough,for all the times they've shielded me, guided me, tolerated my misbehavior. Like most children, I too take my parents for granted. I buy them birthday and anniversary cards and gifts.I write big words and phrases in those..Yet,I never say them.

And as soon as I finish writing this, I'm going to give my parents a giant bear-hug. I'll tell them that I love them a lot.We'll get lost in our mundane lives tomorrow. But before the dawn breaks,I'll tell them how much they mean to me.

Tomorrow,is a funny day.We plan so much without realizing,that we're actually stuck in yesterday.
What happened in the past,indeed affects the present. But no one has ever said that the past has to carry on up to the future. A common mistake that most of us make.Somehow, the past has this mesmerizing effect on us.We simply can't let go!

Although,sometimes we have to.Life's not about holding on.It's about living,experiencing and moving on.And we don't really have to do it all alone!We like to keep our hurt,anger,disappointments and betrayal too close to our hearts.These emotions clog the heart and fill it with more and more unwanted filth.

I don't want it.And I'm not going to look for opportunities to forgive the people who have wronged me.I'm not going to wait for them to come round and realize what they've done. Life is too short to hold onto the bad stuff and too long to relish the good stuff!

Today,I forgive all those who hurt me.Tomorrow could be too late.What if my heart gets completely clogged?!

My bucket list would be completely meaningless,if I don't thank and forgive myself.

I live.I experience so much.Sometimes I'm too hard on myself.Sometimes I am surprised by me!

I am an integral part of my own life!To forget that,would be unfair.Do I know where I will be tomorrow?What will I be doing?
Perhaps not.

What I do know, is that I am important for my own life.Today,I thank myself for hanging on a little more.Today,I forgive myself for the mistakes I've made.I'm just human and I can err sometimes.

And all this needs to be done now.

There might not be a perfect tomorrow..

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