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   मैं हूं,
क्या ये काफी नही    
  जो और बहाने  ढूंढ़ू मैं ?
                                                 जिंदगी है मेरी, जिसे रोज़ जीती हूं मैं,                                                                                                  नए अरमानों कि लड़ी, रोज़ पिरोती हूं मैं ,                                                                                कुछ  पाती , कुछ  खोती हूं मैं,                                            
         अल्फाजों से  कभी, तो कभी खामोशी से
 मन की बात कहती हूं मैं |

 ये आसमान है  मेरा, जिसे देखती हूं मैं,
 ये ज़मीन भी मेरी, जिस पर  चलती  हूं मैं,
 ये रास्ते भी मेरे जिन पर गिरती-संमलती हूं मैं |
इतना कुछ देखती ,सुनती,महसूस करती हूं मैं..

    मैं हूं,

 ये काफी है,

                                                         और  बहाने क्यों  ढूंढ़ू मैं |                                                                          

Suddenly you're thrown into this world and everyone rejoices at the arrival of a new life.From thereon,begins the journey of a lifelong occasion called BEING ALIVE.

I woke up last Monday morning, feeling cranky and irritable.I thought I was suffering from the usual "Monday Blues". I didn't bother too much and went about my day, rather normally.Yet, I was feeling queasy. I had been thinking of buying some new clothes for quite a while.So I thought, I'll get off a little early from work and do some shopping. But,as time passed, I started asking myself 'What is the need?' There's no event or occasion coming up, so why waste money? There!I dropped the idea.

I wonder why...why did I need a reason to do something that could have made me feel a little better? The week has passed, I've been busy and I've learnt my lesson
-You don't need an occasion to do something for yourself. Occasions don't create happiness,the mind does. 

Many a times we lose a lot of moments in trying to find meaning.The why, what,when of life has become so over-powering, that the simple things in life get lost in this myriad of reasons,explanations,excuses and occasions.Everything needs to have a purpose,a reason,an objective.If it doesn't have one, then it's conveniently rendered useless or unimportant by the over-worked mind.

Time over time, we have made ourselves believe that the only way to be happy is by doing something. A something that the world can see,hear and judge. And that undermines the very essence of life-of being alive,of being able to experience life in it's most amazing and magnificent shades!

All of us are born in the same way and we know that we have to follow a predetermined path.Then what is so special about life? The occasions? The happy birthday to you,the welcomes,promotions, good-byes, marriage, anniversary etc ?

What if these occasions never existed? The person who invented these concepts never invented these? Then what would we celebrate? 

I guess, the only thing we're left with , is our 'self'. A 'self' that doesn't always get its dues because it's too busy paying off its own debts!

Sometimes and  most of the times,all we need is a mirror-to see,admire and applaud the wonderful creatures that we are! So unique even in our similarities.

Occasion or no occasion, life doesn't need an excuse.It's an occasion in itself! One that ought to be celebrated with aplombThe depth of life is not measured by what happened, when and how!In fact, it cannot be measured at all. It can only be lived.

And here's why I think my life is a celebration and these things are all that I need-

  • That little bark and those tiny paws that wake me up every morning!-My day is just incomplete if my little pooch doesn't stand outside my room-barking and whining and urging me to open the door and let him in!It's our wake up ritual-7a.m everyday!(Weekends included!) Him running off to hijack my blanket,us fighting over it and finally both of us cuddling together for some more snooze time!It's all so wonderful! And I experience  innocent,unadulterated, unconditional love everyday! What's not to celebrate?
  • My weird, loving family!I don't really get the concept of Father's Day, Mother's Day etc.Why do I have to allot just one day in a year to tell my folks how much I love them? Love is an emotion, not a one time occasion! Sometimes we have our sunny sides up and sometimes we're badly cooked ;p But at the end of each day, when my mommy asks me 'kal khane mein kya khaogi? Tumhare liye ye bana dun?', I know things are back to normal. If you have a loving, supportive family, that's a reason in itself ! Birthdays,anniversaries etc are just added frills! 

  •  My job!My students!-There's no better feeling in the world, than to be appreciated,admired and loved for what you do. I've been working as a trainer for quite sometime now, and everyday is fulfilling. I look forward to going to work everyday, I'm always planning fun and interesting ways to teach my students.We have fun classes on most of the days!Why shouldn't I celebrate my efforts and results? By the time my promotion comes, I would've forgotten these tiny moments that fill my heart and mind with joy everyday :)
  • My will to become better-I have been suffering from a chronic back problem.It started when I was just 17 and I had reached a stage where I couldn't even get up from the bed.After several therapies and treatments,I'm better. I can't do most of the activities that people of my age do. My career suffered a tremendous set back because of my health.Yes, I was broken.But I have fought.And now,when I look back,I'm amazed at how far I've come. Everyday I tell myself, 'Keep going on','it will get better' and I can see the change. From not being able to get up,to holding a job for a year; I'd say I'm doing a good job! Thus,everyday I pat myself a little and let my inner child dance a little :)
  • My words-I can use my words to communicate all the things I want to.I can talk,I can write,I can use my silence to express a plethora of emotions. I rejoice every time I'm able to string a few words together in the form of a poem,a post,a meaningful message.I am happy and grateful when people leave a comment on my post saying how good it is-even if it's just one. My words make me want to celebrate!
  • My relationships-My friends-those few people who have managed to create their own special place in my heart:) Talking to them, seeing the trust and faith they have in me,meeting them,being a part of their lives in small's wonderful.

Life is and will be hidden in these small moments. Festivals,functions, occasions are additional perks of being a part of the circle if life. But we all need these tiny dots to complete our circle. After all, occasions last for a day or few;moments last for a lifetime.              

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