The Dance of the Mind

I woke up to myself on a chirpy morning,
Woke up to my hands and feet itching to dance,
Woke up to my ears itching for the sound of romance,
I woke up to my wants and wants and many more,
I woke up to feel myself a little and then..
Some more...

I had my yin awake and alive,
But my yang was lost deep in thought,
Scattered across, with issues it was fraught..
I wanted to dance and dance so much,
I wanted to love and love so much,
To run,to scream and shout,
To tell the world that from my cocoon, I was about to come out...

But stood my yang in front of me
Worried and scared for itself
And for me;

What if you fall and hurt yourself,
What if he hurts you and breaks your heart ?
What if you shout a little too much,
What if you fail and lose too much..?

Its too dark and much too deep,
Shut your yin and go to sleep.

No I won't! replied my yin,
I don't want to lose or  win.

You see the dark and I can see the light,
You see the fear and I'll gather the might.
If the hearts breaks ,I'll piece it up and make it new,
You have the eyes,I'll be the view.

It was then, that I woke up to myself
Dreaming,wanting and being some more..

My darkness had met its light
I said to my fear 'it's all right'
I needed some black to appreciate my white
I needed some wrong to set it right.

So there I was dancing and singing along                      
A wonderful yin and yang song.                                      
And I hugged myself in a soulful embrace
As doubts and worries left no trace.
I wake up to myself itching to dance
My ears longing for a sound of romance..
I wake up every morning wanting more and more
I wake up in harmony
Struggling no more.


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