A Life Well Spent

What does it really mean to have a well-spent life? We spend our whole lives in trying to decipher the meaning behind our simple yet complex lives and even then, are left with unanswered questions.

We're always trying to define our lives in heavy terminologies like passion, meaning, quest, essence etc and yet, are not quite able to.

For me, all these big terms are contained within three essentials of life-
1.Being good to one's own self
2.Being good to others
3. Balancing 1 & 2

That's all that there is to life..isn't it? and many battles are lost because we couldn't decide which essential to fight for and when and most importantly, how.

Essential number 3 is ideally what we all keep striving for. This essential is what makes the journey that much more difficult. 

At different times one essential will take precedence over the other. Sometimes, you have to give yourself up for the sake of 'your' others. And at times, you will have to put yourself forward -at the …


Your soul is on a journey and so is mine At some point, their paths will intertwine
Under the shade of the banyan tree
We will sit and wonder
If from the clutches of time
We'll ever be free
Will we ever chase the rainbows in the vast sky
Or melt in the raindrops as the rains go by
Wrap ourselves in the gushing wind
And kiss in the moonlight
And brighten the darkness within
Will our souls ever get to hold hands                                
And look into each other's eyes
Tell stories without words
That our hearts in love can understand
If time is eternal, then why aren't we
Bound by love. Just you and me
Someday.. May be someday
The sun will shine bright.. Brighter than everyday
Someday, sometime will be ours
More than what it is.. Everyday
Perhaps in my dream
Perhaps in yours too..

Hey you..listen to me

I've known you forever,
for as long as I've known myself You are a part of me and I am yours I've seen you go through more than your share and I wish I was there...
To tell you that it's ok to cry and ask why it's ok to shout and open your heart and let your feelings rip you apart for there will always be a chance for you to put yourself back together tomorrow may be far but close enough for you to hope for a fresh start
I wish I could tell you then that life goes on.. with or without you and that time flies taking away all you once had but you will always have me with you and beside you to hold your hand and walk you through for what is gone,may not come back ever.. but once the wounds heal and your heart has mended itself life comes in a new format so you can again get in touch with yourself
I know we were young and immature and afraid to take some chances then and we did take some,that didn't turn out so great we made mistakes and weren't ready to wait but that's how we learn a…

Set me free

May be It's not the time
May be not the moment May be It's not right But just for the moment
Let's forget what ought to be And just let things be Just for the moment Hold my hand and set me free
I know deep down you feel it too And it's not the thing to say But life didn't promise us roses It wasn't fair anyway 
Put your feet on the ground  And feel the earth beneath Let something change inside you  Because it would anyway
Look into my eyes Like you always wanted to And tell me you're there                                                           And hear me say the same to you Because you know I'm there 
Smile at me like you smile from within A smile that reaches your eyes Hold my hand Like you always wanted to And let's go there 
A place where we are free.. 

Time is not what binds us Time sets us free All you need to do is hold my hand

The art of feeling inferior

To feel is an art and seldom do we get it right.-Damini
Right from the day we are born, it is the world around us that tells us what attributes we have. What's good, what's bad, what needs improvement etc, is decided by other people around us,including our parents. 
All throughout our lives,our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are governed by these individuals, who by some power have the authority to determine who we are. 
Oh! She doesn't talk too much but he talks a lot! He isn't as fair as him but he's not as intelligent as him. You should be more outgoing, while you should be a little less and so on and so forth. 
By the time we grow up and embrace our reality, we realise that we haven't really grown up as fully functional beings. Rather, we are fragmented versions of ourselves;waiting for the world to put the pieces together so that we can make sense of ourselves. 
Constantly basing our judgments about our own sleeves, on the basis of those very people who are not…

The Unfinished Story

She sat next to her phone, waiting for it to beep.. Like every other day.

Waiting for that one message, that one 'hi'  that would put a smile on her face for the whole day.. Sometimes the whole week.. or may be the month..

Her friends wondered what's wrong with her. Why does she always obsess about this one message? Agreed, she liked him. May be, he liked her too. Well, he never said it openly. 

Perhaps, she just assumed he did.
But she knew better. She didn't just like him;she loved him. It was that always, forever, eternal sort of love. 

A love, often seen in the movies, written about in books. A love, where there is a happy ever after, in its most absolute sense.
And she knew, he only liked her. He loved her as a friend.. or so he would say. 

He loved everything about her and would notice even the slightest change in her voice.
They were so tuned to each other, that she had begun to preempt those once a week messages and those fortnightly calls.

She would just sit by her pho…

The Simplicity of Relationships

I don't know why,but we all like to believe (consciously or subconsciously) that relationships are difficult.It is this belief,that translates into our actions and ends up making relationships complicated as hell!

Sounds weird? May be.

Over the years,I have realized that we as humans have developed and nurtured this tendency to complicate and magnify things in our minds.With so much happening around us,so many demands to fulfill,so many personas to attend to; we cannot keep things simple.

Unfortunately, one of the things that is essential for our existence, our relationships,end up suffering.

When we have a train of thoughts running in our minds,when we are busy building up scenarios in our heads,how many times do we actually communicate properly as to what's happening?

Instead,we put our guards up-scream,shout,hurt the other person and then assume that he/she will understand.


Does it sound fair? 

Yet,we still do it.

How many times do we make the effort of expressing what we t…