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This World

This world that I seek
Is a candid reflection of who I am
And who I want to be..

It becomes my sky when I want to fly high,
It becomes my sea when I want to swim,
Sometimes it fights with me when I am confused,
It responds to my each fancy,my every whim.

This world that I seek,
Knows only chaos,
And is a little absurd,
And I keep looking for a little order
In this world so absurd..

I know nothing about what I seek,
Yet I know I am in a quest..
A quest to find my world,
That speaks to me in my language,
And dances to my songs,

A world that embraces me,
Just as I embrace it,
A world that can walk hand in hand with me,
Because it knows,
I will not race it.

Does a world so absurd
Ever exist?
Or is it my mere imagination?

I don't know what kind of world it is
That I seek so blindly,
All I know is,
That the world that I seek
Is a candid reflection of who I am
And who I want to be...

Inspiring Imperfection

I have tried a lot to be like everyone else that I meet,that I know.Sometimes I used to dress like them.Sometimes I used to try and look like them. I would often criticize myself for being too much of something or too less.
I'd say I was lost.
But the good part about being lost is,that you can go anywhere you want,until you find your perfect stop.
I am still lost.I still haven't found my perfect stop.But I have discovered myself in so many ways..
And all my discoveries made me realize how perfectly imperfect we all are.And we are all embroiled in this quest to hide those... To look our best,to behave in the most acceptable way possible,to do things that people would take notice of.
And I realized that these imperfections actually make us so different and unique. 
My imperfections make me so unique.
I don't look like most other people I know..because I wasn't born that way!I look like myself and that's fine!I don't dress like a lot of them..but I love how I dress. 
I am…