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A Life Well Spent

What does it really mean to have a well-spent life? We spend our whole lives in trying to decipher the meaning behind our simple yet complex lives and even then, are left with unanswered questions.

We're always trying to define our lives in heavy terminologies like passion, meaning, quest, essence etc and yet, are not quite able to.

For me, all these big terms are contained within three essentials of life-
1.Being good to one's own self
2.Being good to others
3. Balancing 1 & 2

That's all that there is to life..isn't it? and many battles are lost because we couldn't decide which essential to fight for and when and most importantly, how.

Essential number 3 is ideally what we all keep striving for. This essential is what makes the journey that much more difficult. 

At different times one essential will take precedence over the other. Sometimes, you have to give yourself up for the sake of 'your' others. And at times, you will have to put yourself forward -at the …