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A little gyan

It's not important to live.
It's important to live well and to live life ,on your own.The fact is ,that it is our life and we are here, to make it the best possible life we can.If someone else had to live our life,or if we had to live our life based on others,it would cease to be ours anyway!
The fact is, that we all want a happy,comfortable life.But,without any price.Its like trying to sit on four pieces of furniture at the same time-which,is kind of..not possible!:D After all,one bum divided into halves..where all can it sit at once!
But that's what we keep trying to do all the time.Want the best of the world,without trading anything. Sit at home and dream of becoming a millionnaire..and then crib that nothing ever happens your way!But the fact is,that you never really moved your say the least! Only if our wants,wishes,desires,ambitions,dreams etc could fly.They would just know when to come flying to us and everything would be super perfect!
It doesn't happe…