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Who Cries?

They're soothing.They're calming.They have the quality of being able to cleanse the mind,body and soul.They demand to be unrestricted.Yet, they aren't welcome everywhere.
Why is crying so difficult? Why does it come with so many attachments? Like, you can't cry in a public place,you can't cry when you're with people,in front of someone who's not your family or friend and many times you can't even cry with/in front of your family or friends.And the gender stereotypes that come with it, that is a separate theory altogether.

When you feel happy and you laugh out loud,it's fine.When you're irritated and you just snap at someone (irrespective of the place),it's fine.You can get angry and get into a fight no matter where you are.You just can't cry anywhere and everywhere because you're upset or sad or depressed.
Even I find it uncomfortable to cry in open. I wonder why is that...? Have we been taught that?  At an unconscious level,may …

Share the load activity


 Our washing machine is not working because of overload.It has a capacity of 6kgs and we stuff clothes upto 8-9kgs.It is dead.We need a new one.
SCENE 2 :  A young woman, in her mid-thirties came to me with complaints of sleeplessness, irritation and depression. She had been married for 7-8 years and had two kids. During our conversation, I came to know that she had quit her job at the time of her marriage. Her husband has a very time-consuming and tedious job. Even when he comes back home, he’s just sitting with his laptop. She has been managing the house pretty much on her own. She does have help who comes to cook ,but her demands and tantrums also come with her.  When she tries to talk to her husband, he gets irritated and says, she has nothing else to talk about except maid and house troubles. She said that she felt tired most of the day and was unable to sleep during the nights. Her round the clock schedule leaves her with no time and energ…

The 'I' in 'You'

Despite all the things we hate,
Despite all the things we fear,
Despite the deafening silences
and the noise that keeps tearing our ear;
We still go on and on,
Looking for meaning off and on.

The body may die
but the spirit lives on..
Egging us to go on and on...

There is a little thing inside of us that pushes us with all its might
Ready to awaken,
When it's the time to fight.

Seasons come and seasons go
but it just keeps moving us on,
Despite the silences and despite the fear,
We still go on..
Looking for meaning off and on...

A long time ago,I came to the conclusion,that I officially hate winters!'s a pretty,white season with  the Christmas and New Year spirit all around.But the problem is,that it's much too white and cold for me!

It's difficult for a tiny person like me,to load up on layers and layers of clothing and still not manage to  feel 'not that cold'.
Given a chance,I'd probably never step out of my room the entire season (or the only dreadful one month)!B…

My life,My world #Celebrate life activity#

   मैं हूं, क्या ये काफी नही   जो और बहाने  ढूंढ़ू मैं ?                                                  जिंदगी है मेरी, जिसे रोज़ जीती हूं मैं,                                                                                                  नए अरमानों कि लड़ी, रोज़ पिरोती हूं मैं ,                                                                                कुछ  पाती , कुछ खोतीहूं मैं,          अल्फाजोंसे कभी, तो कभी खामोशी से  मन की बात कहतीहूं मैं |
ये आसमान है  मेरा, जिसे देखती हूं मैं,  ये ज़मीन भी मेरी, जिस पर  चलती  हूं मैं, ये रास्ते भी मेरे जिनपरगिरती-संमलती हूं मैं |
इतना कुछ देखती ,सुनती,महसूस करती हूं मैं..

    मैं हूं,

 ये काफी है,
                                                         और  बहाने क्यों  ढूंढ़ू मैं |

The Dance of the Mind

I woke up to myself on a chirpy morning,
Woke up to my hands and feet itching to dance,
Woke up to my ears itching for the sound of romance,
I woke up to my wants and wants and many more,
I woke up to feel myself a little and then..
Some more...
I had my yin awake and alive,
But my yang was lost deep in thought,
Scattered across, with issues it was fraught..
I wanted to dance and dance so much,
I wanted to love and love so much,
To run,to scream and shout,
To tell the world that from my cocoon, I was about to come out...

But stood my yang in front of me
Worried and scared for itself
And for me;

What if you fall and hurt yourself,
What if he hurts you and breaks your heart ?
What if you shout a little too much,
What if you fail and lose too much..?

Its too dark and much too deep,
Shut your yinand go to sleep.

No I won't! replied my yin,
I don't want to lose or  win.

You see the dark and I can see the light,
You see the fear and I'll gather the might.
If the hearts breaks ,I'll piece it up and ma…

Decoding 'being you'

The idea of writing about this, popped into my head while I was watching Jabong's ad. The tag line is a very cool and comfy 'be you' and I was wondering what does it actually mean?
 You are you only..why would you be someone else and    dress like him/her! It's obvious, isn't it ?

But a few moments later it dawned on me...Ki aisa nahi hai!
Majority of us think we are unique and like no one else.. But a large part of us is still struggling to find its own voice and identity (you can ignore this line if its not applicable to you & you have found yourself :p).
So, I thought why not decode this 'be you' phenomena and understand it in a way that even I can use it :)
Here I go with my random thoughts -

BE AWARE!-of what you like,don't like,what you want to or don't want to do etc. and if you think you're lost,then try different things,experiment and explore.The world is your canvas my friend! Paint it however you like!:) Sooner or later,you will be in a…