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The Unfinished Story

She sat next to her phone, waiting for it to beep.. Like every other day.

Waiting for that one message, that one 'hi'  that would put a smile on her face for the whole day.. Sometimes the whole week.. or may be the month..

Her friends wondered what's wrong with her. Why does she always obsess about this one message? Agreed, she liked him. May be, he liked her too. Well, he never said it openly. 

Perhaps, she just assumed he did.
But she knew better. She didn't just like him;she loved him. It was that always, forever, eternal sort of love. 

A love, often seen in the movies, written about in books. A love, where there is a happy ever after, in its most absolute sense.
And she knew, he only liked her. He loved her as a friend.. or so he would say. 

He loved everything about her and would notice even the slightest change in her voice.
They were so tuned to each other, that she had begun to preempt those once a week messages and those fortnightly calls.

She would just sit by her pho…