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Quick Judgments!

It's human nature to just look at someone and quickly decide what sort of a person he/she is.Not even 'may be', 'could be', 'might be'...simply he/she 'is'.

Categories come easily to us, as though that was and is the prime objective for us.To meet people, talk to them, see them behave in a particular manner; for our own convenience or peace of mind, we label them as 'good',bad','weird','rude','annoying','sweet' etc

It doesn't really matter where the person is coming from,  or what kind of a situation he/she is in, at that particular moment or for many moments to come.

Why are we so quick to judge? to assume? to believe in our assumptions?

And it always feels good when we find out,  that our so-called 'judgment' about the person was correct.

"See!i told you he's like that only!" 

Where do these judgments come from? why is it so important for us to assume and believe in ,what we think abo…