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The power of suppression

A few days ago,I was talking to one of my friends, who was quite irritated.I asked him about the cause of his irritation and he said, that things with his wife were not going well.

They were experiencing a sort of a communication break down, where the only things they were uttering to each other were-'kuch nahin' and 'chhodo'.

He said that every time they would say something to each other, one of them would flare up and the conversation would go on a world tour!

But isn't this normal? Happens with all of us at some point or the other.

And it's not just with conversations,but emotions in general.

We all have certain emotions that seek instinctual expression, at a given moment in time.And this is more so with emotions like anger,frustration,irritation etc.The power that these emotions have, is immense.

There is an immediate relief when they are expressed as instinctively as they arise. But with that relief,there are certain consequences attached as well.

Getting angry a…

Minding the mind

Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night..palpitating,sweating,wondering what just happened...
She worries a lot about everything,gets stressed at the drop of a hat.People say she takes things too seriously and that she should learn to relax.She tries, but fails to understand, how this whole relaxation actually works.
She feels she's about to  go mad..can this worrying ever stop?
Their child has nightmares every night.He's scared to sleep alone.He's 14-not a child anymore.Yet,not big enough to understand what's happening.At school he finds himself getting into fights and arguments unintentionally.He feels lonely because he has no friends.He tries to tell his parents but they blame him.Is there actually something wrong with him?Is he a bad boy?
She cries herself to sleep on most days.Sometimes she finds herself so overwhelmed with her thoughts and emotions ,that tears start flowing even during the day..she's lost and gloomy...
Are these people mad?
Some of us can…