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There is a ‘self’ in all of us...that we hide from the world.. A side that could be vulnerable or strong. That philosophises or behaves stupidly. That cares a lot...or is too indifferent.
But just because we choose not to show it..does it mean we are fake..pretending to be someone we are actually not?just because we choose not to fit into every mould that is offered to us..does it mean that we cease to be our own self? It’s like saying what is not visible, does not exist. But there is more to us, more to our life than what meets the eye. And why must everything be for the world? For everyone to see, judge, analyse, comment..?
Like so many things that we like to do; there is a sense of self that we all like to preserve and protect. The entirety of life is spent in juggling between the acts of holding onto and letting go..whether its about things, events, people or even ourselves.
So then when do we actually become fake? When we decide to behave in ways that are contrary to our real selves.. ourse…


Sometimes all u need in life is a leap of faith..a leap towards yourself, your fears, anxieties, wants... With the faith that no matter what will be there to hold yourself..and even though this sounds very’s a much more difficult task to attempt.
We are so busy leading a well structured, well planned life; that uncertainty scares us. And moving towards one’s own self, involves loads and loads of it!
As time passes, we become more and more cut off from our own selves...lose our identity, to a host of relationships and responsibilities.
But wouldn't it be better to find yourself in everything that u pursue..Every relation you make or break? Sometimes one needs to block the peripheral be able to see what lies ahead of us..
The essence of life perhaps, never was and never will be succumb to collect the bits..add our own colors..smoothen out the edges..and make our own masterpiece.

Because sometimes, life is not "as it happens"…

what do we most want from life..

what do we most want from life?
Is there something that underlies all the efforts that we make to build a life? what do we most want out of our life? for some people life is all about being successful,powerful,rich etc while some are happy with little achievements and the little things of life. and there are those who let life just happen on its own..not knowing where they are headed..but they welcome life with open arms..and embrace the destination that awaits them. we want so much from our life..but at the end of the day..its just that one things that makes all our struggles and achievements worthwhile...'happiness'.
isn't it? we feel happy when we achieve something? when we are applauded..when our wish gets fulfilled..when our efforts are rewarded.. we are happy when our loved ones are happy.. we are happy..when we are actually happy!
whats the point of being at the top..when you are not satisfied with what uv got?when it doesnt brong a smile on ur face...and all u can think of is …