There is a ‘self’ in all of us...that we hide from the world..
A side that could be vulnerable or strong.
That philosophises or behaves stupidly.
That cares a lot...or is too indifferent.

But just because we choose not to show it..does it mean we are fake..pretending to be someone we are actually not?just because we choose not to fit into every mould that is offered to us..does it mean that we cease to be our own self?
It’s like saying what is not visible, does not exist.
But there is more to us, more to our life than what meets the eye.
And why must everything be for the world? For everyone to see, judge, analyse, comment..?

Like so many things that we like to do; there is a sense of self that we all like to preserve and protect.
The entirety of life is spent in juggling between the acts of holding onto and letting go..whether its about things, events, people or even ourselves.

So then when do we actually become fake?
When we decide to behave in ways that are contrary to our real selves.. ourselves as lived and experienced by us and not merely seen by others.
I don’t like what’s happening yet i support it because everyone is doing so.
I don’t like someone; i make it obvious to everyone. But i pretend to be best friends with that person.

I mean..there is no explanation to being fake or pretentious. And we don’t need to explain ourselves to anyone , but ourselves first.
But we get lost,we get swayed by what glitters much so that we lose our own adopt a different hue.
I don’t know what drives people to be unfair to their own selves.

Not letting the world know some parts of yourself and trying to be someone who ur actually not..are two different things; often confused as one.


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