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Fool Me Twice

My heart has been fooled many a times Once or twice doesn't even count. Every time it hurt more than the last time Once or twice doesn't even count.

Still, I chose to wear it on my sleeve, To stop those,who were eager to leave.
But left they still, They were here to leave; Just tossed my heart back to me, And I put it back on my sleeve; Just in case I met someone, Who didn't want to leave.

Years came and went by, All I heard was an empty good bye.. And my heart turned more and more sad The bruises and the incisions, Hurt so bad..

And every time they hurt more than the last time, Those thousands of moments,I can't even recount, Once or twice doesn't even count.

But,was I a fool to get the hurt? I even tried changing my shirt! Perhaps, with a shorter sleeve, To let my heart peek out, And stop anyone, Who wanted to leave..

And I still got fooled Not once, not twice More times,than I ever could realize..

But now I've grown-smart and wise, And I have my own theories, Now,I love to theorize.
So I k…

Wings of Tomorrow

She has wings But she can't fly.

She has tears But she can't cry.
They say her feet are rooted beneath the ground; She can't find them, But she does try.
She digs and digs and deeper too She gets tired,worried and exhaustedly too.

Seasons come and seasons go She stays still With the wind, she doesn't want to flow.
Away and farther away into an unknown world Where her wings will be cut and tears dried And no one would care how much she cried...

She digs and digs and deeper too. She will find her feet And fly too

And cry she will, But not the tears of sorrow; Cry she will, With joy
For a day that will belong to her;
Her 'tomorrow'.

Yes, it hurts.

"The thing about pain is, that it demands to be felt" -The Fault in our stars.
There is something very soothing, very calming about pain; about being in pain. I mean any kind of pain-physical, mental or emotional.

Of course being in pain is painful! It’s horrible and pathetic. How we all wish, we never experience any such thing ever in our lives.
But the truth-at a very unconscious level is that we celebrate this pain. We take pride in this pain.

Simply, because it gives us a sense of being alive and human. As if our ultimate goal in this life is to suffer and to be in pain. 

Well, at one level, by virtue of being human, we are bound to go through this pain. But the purpose of this pain is not pain itself. It’s about this journey that we have to undertake-willingly or unwillingly; to become the person that we need to be, in this lifetime.

However, for most part of our lives, we just focus on the experiential aspect of pain-the simple fact that ‘it hurts’ and not on why going throug…

Be the best guest!

I have never been a fan of being a 'guest', because most of the times,I don't know how should I behave in someone else's house! I often find myself tongue tied and quite shy to even ask where the washroom is!
I guess it's quite normal.Whenever you go to a new place,meet new people,you do feel a bit odd (till the time you become socially skilled!).So I was just wondering if there is a way to simplify the whole 'being the good guest' deal. And I have managed to find a few important things that should be kept in mind when someone invites you over.
Being a host and guest is equally difficult.It can be nerve-wracking at times, if a specific purpose is attached to the situation.Yet, no matter what the occasion may be,some basic do's and don'ts can go a long way in easing everyone out.
1.Don't go empty handed : If it's a lunch,high-tea or dinner invite, it's good to carry something, as a token of appreciation for the hosts.This is more importan…

Wow-at first sight

                        He didn't know who  HE is..

"Why are you here?"

"Because I want to talk to you."
But I don’t want to.(Starts fiddling with the hair brushes and other accessories kept on the dressing table).
"You know you’re pretending to ignore me..right?"
"Wrong!I am ignoring you.Do you mind leaving me alone? I’m trying to get ready here. I have to leave for work in sometime."
He can see that Sam is really irritated.Yet,HE refuses to leave.
"You have 45minutes at your disposal..You woke up an hour earlier than your usual time.You’ve prepared everything. Now you’re just killing time...aren’t you? "
Sam throws his hair brush in a fit of irritation.”What is your problem??I have been trying to shut you out since quite a few days now..but you just wouldn’t leave me alone!It’s because of you that I haven’t slept properly the whole night.I’ve been jumping up and down like a clown since morning! What do you want??”
“I want your troubles to…

The Lost Soul of Friendship

 The Friendship that was...
I have always believed that friends play a very crucial role in our lives. Our family is that set of people,that is chosen for us,while our friends is the family that we choose for ourselves. There are many ways through which we meet our friends.But the decision to include them in our lives or not, lies solely with us (knowingly or unknowingly).
No matter where you are,at which stage of life you're in, in which situation you are; you always need a friend.
I think we're naturally programmed to share somethings with family and some with friends.And it's even better when the lines between these two categories are blurred or non-existent
Friendship comes in so many shapes and sizes and is loaded with so many situations and meanings.

Yet, at the root of it lies the feeling of 'sharing'.
 A friend is someone, with whom you can share just about anything under the sun.Sometimes we end up with friends who are similar to us and sometimes we are poles apa…