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Counselling : A taboo (that it isn't!)

One of my closest friends,has been avoiding me for quite a while. Not because we had a tiff.But,she has been very distressed lately.She went through a bad break-up and is finding it difficult to get back on track.To her, the world seems the worst place to be in right now.
But she isn’t talking to anyone.She has become very cranky and irritable. The days when she finds herself amidst broken sleep,she just takes some medicine and gets by the night.

Sadly,those nights are increasing. Sometimes,she starts crying for no apparent reason.
And I am worried. I am worried for many more such people,who get bogged down by life and find it difficult to get back up.
Life is moving so fast that we don't even realize that we are getting caught up in a web.
A web consisting of demands, commitments, responsibilities; and a multitude of events that constitute our daily routine.
Without any conscious effort, we start hoarding of a lot of unwanted and unwelcome thoughts, emotions and actions. These in turn, …

Live Well,Live Real

I have been wondering for a while,why is it that the notion of 'well-being' has suddenly found an important place in our lives?
We all want to live a healthy, free and fulfilling life.Yet,it seems like a distant dream.

Almost every magazine, internet website,television channel, is buzzing with ways and ideas of 'how to lead a healthy' life.Cities are bustling with yoga,dance,fitness and meditation classes.Spirituality is the new king.

With all these avenues aiding us,we might and are able to lead a physically healthy life and they do put the mind at ease.Yet,this isn't long-lasting.
It seems like we have managed to create an illusory world for ourselves; where if you are not sleeping well,just meditate or worst, pop a pill. If you are angry or irritated,just meditate and it will all go away.

If you're unhappy with something, just accept it and keep going on because you 'can't afford to actually do what you want'.
It's all much too convenient.


Talking to Sisyphus

“Hey!Hey!what are you doing? Do I look likea beach or waterfall to you that you’re conveniently taking pictures?”

“Oops! Sorry buddy!I didn’t mean to offend you. But you were so engrossed in your task,that I didn’t want to disturb you either.By the way, I’m ME and you are...?”
Sisyphus looked at me quizzically.He must be thinking I’m crazy or something.”I’m Sisyphus”.
“Nice to meet you Sir.That’s a pretty tough job you have there.” I pointed to the big boulder that was lying beside him.”So,what exactly do you do?”I asked.
I guess,I had offended him quite a bit with that question.He just stood there with his hands crossed in front of his chest and stared at me with narrowed eyes.
“Nothing of consequence to you.Now, if you’re done with your sight-seeing,I’d like to go back to relive my curse.” He was agitated.
“Curse?” I was puzzled.”What do you mean?”,I asked.
“Do you mind leaving me alone Mister? As you can see,I don’t have all the time in the world that I can spend frolicking around! I have…