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The best disguise

'What is wrong with you??Why have you become so irritable these days?It seems like you're a totally different person now you know...I'm finding it difficult to even relate to you....." Blah..blah...blah....
She just wouldn't stop...would she??He wondered to himself.Yes,their relationship had become weird.And neither of them knew what was going wrong. Rather,what had gone wrong.From what he remembered, they had been happy together for more than 2 years now. But as the third year of their relationship started drawing up,things were beginning to get a little shaky.
Vinay wondered what was he doing wrong that was irking Riya so much.What was this new found obsession with 'not being able to relate to me'? "Did I suddenly grow fangs or something?"
He was getting tired of this constant banter between the two of them.They loved each other.Yet,they both knew that the love they wanted,was nowhere even near.
"I don't know what to do about Vinay!&quo…

Change doesn't change

I'm sure there are many of us(like me!), who aren't quite fond of change.
First,it takes you a while to slip into a comfort zone and just when you're about to doze off..another one comes knocking on the door!
Just like everything else in life,change also comes with it's 'goodie bags' as well as the 'not so good things'.
And sometimes,even the good things are enough to throw us off. Sometimes,the fear of losing the good things (sooner or later) or the fact that they won't last too long,is enough to create a turmoil. So,we think it's better not to embrace any kind of change at all.Let the good things pass.. They're going to be replaced/taken over by the devils anyway. :O
It's not about change being good or bad. Change is change.It just means that a part of you,your life or may be the whole of it won't be the same. Good/bad is subjective.
Everything in life is debatable-even existence!
But the simple fact is,that good or bad,we all love to be i…

Hello to me!

We are so busy earning, partying, running behind people, chasing our dreams ferociously; that by the time we get to these 'achievements' has already slipped by.

Living in our hi-tech bubbles, we seem to have this endless sense of time for everything else, but ourselves.
Seriously,this 'me' it only confined to shopping, movies, partying,etc.? Of course you are in a relaxed mood! -away from the hustle-bustle of your daily life,your nagging problems. But is 'being away' or "blocking those unwanted thoughts"  enough?

Of course it's enough! Just enough to let you slip into your little delusional world, where these problems and thoughts, don't seem to exist.

But the fact is that they do.

Just because you close your eyes, you don't see the world; doesn't mean that the world can't see you.

The best part of this 'me time' is , that the world can see your problems ,can read through your pretense and sooner or later finds a …

Because I said so!

I say so! There are very few people in our lives,who are actually concerned with our needs and desires.There are very few moments and occasions,which make us feel special.For every such person and occasion,there are plenty of others,who are more concerned with their own selves.
We all have our own personalities,realities and perceptions.Yet, we are 'supposed to' do those things,that others deem fit for us.
It's a mindless activity and we all feel compelled to be a part of it.I don't know why we are brought up with the notion, that others are more important than us.It's ingrained in us, to forego the things that mean something to us,for the 'sake' of others.
Who are these others? Family members,friends,class mates,colleagues,bosses... Why do they matter so much? Why do we have to compromise for someone else's comfort? More importantly,why is our 'self' tied to that of someone else?
Strangely,we enjoy wrapping ourselves up in conditions.We also like to p…

There might not be a 'tomorrow'..

There might not be a 'tomorrow'..
There is something strange about this phenomenon called 'life'.
Some people say it's too short.Some say it's a long road ahead.Clearly, life is not something to be measured in hours,years or kilometers..
Then what do you do with it?Well,you just live it.And living life is not easy.
It's not about having or not having 'things' or 'people' or 'experiences' to lead a fulfilling life.Life is complete in itself  ,because it encapsulates our existence.We're not here because we have a list of people to love,list of things to complete,journeys to undertake,achievements to be achieved.
Life is so much more..
And everyday we wake up thinking that there will be another day,another tomorrow where we would be able to do all the things we couldn't do today.
What if that tomorrow doesn't come one day?
What will happen to that big list that we keep drawing up day after day? It'll all be meaningless.
It can ha…