Change doesn't change

I'm sure there are many of us(like me!), who aren't quite fond of change.

First,it takes you a while to slip into a comfort zone and just when you're about to doze off..another one comes knocking on the door!

Just like everything else in life,change also comes with it's 'goodie bags' as well as the 'not so good things'.

And sometimes,even the good things are enough to throw us off. Sometimes,the fear of losing the good things (sooner or later) or the fact that they won't last too long,is enough to create a turmoil.
So,we think it's better not to embrace any kind of change at all.Let the good things pass..
They're going to be replaced/taken over by the devils anyway. :O

It's not about change being good or bad. Change is change.It just means that a part of you,your life or may be the whole of it won't be the same. Good/bad is subjective.

Everything in life is debatable-even existence!

But the simple fact is,that good or bad,we all love to be in our comfort zones.We like the feeling of being calm and still like water. And we don't like any stones to create ripples and disturb our peace.

Not only is this true for ourselves, it's true for others as well.We're all used to everyone thinking, feeling and behaving in certain ways. The moment they decide to do things differently, it causes us to get anxious.

And more often than not,we don't even bother about why something is happening. The fact is that it's happening.The fact also is,that it's uncomfortable for us. Therefore,we want things to stay still.

Yet,just like change is inevitable;change is also the only constant. It keeps occurring.There's nothing you can do about it. You can't stop things from changing.Life is dynamic.We have to keep moving on-sometimes willingly and sometimes the current takes you  exactly where you're supposed to be.

After all,change doesn't change.


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