The best disguise

'What is wrong with you??Why have you become so irritable these days?It seems like you're a totally different person now you know...I'm finding it difficult to even relate to you....."

She just wouldn't stop...would she??He wondered to himself.Yes,their relationship had become weird.And neither of them knew what was going wrong. Rather,what had gone wrong.From what he remembered, they had been happy together for more than 2 years now. But as the third year of their relationship started drawing up,things were beginning to get a little shaky.

Vinay wondered what was he doing wrong that was irking Riya so much.What was this new found obsession with 'not being able to relate to me'? "Did I suddenly grow fangs or something?"

He was getting tired of this constant banter between the two of them.They loved each other.Yet,they both knew that the love they wanted,was nowhere even near.

"I don't know what to do about Vinay!", Riya told her best friend Neha."He's becoming a bit difficult to handle.He keeps telling me he's busy and he doesn't bother calling or even texting!He's even stopped appreciating the things that I buy for him. If I make a plan,he doesn't want to be a part of it.
I don't know what's wrong.I think he doesn't love me anymore.."
"Relax Ri...I'm sure he must be overworked or something.Just give him sometime...He'll come round."

That night Vinay texted Riya saying that he was sorry for putting her through so much trouble and that he felt both of them needed a break from each other.Something was wrong,he needed to figure it out.He needed time.He was requesting her. Riya didn't know what to do.She agreed to give him the break he needed.
Almost two months later,Riya received a text fromVinay asking her to meet him at their favorite coffee shop on the coming Sunday at 6pm.

As always,Riya was there dot on time.Strangely,Vinay was late.It was 6.30 when he strolled in.Riya was quite surprised to see him.The usual prim and proper Vinay,now sported a stubble. He was dressed as if he couldn't care less about his clothes!

"Hi!,he said. "Hi!one month away from me and you're a totally different guy!"
'Yup!you're right Riya.Coffee order karen?Phir baat karte hain.

"Ok.Excuse me!She called out to the waiter."We'd like to have  two cappuccinos please.."
"No..mere liye hot chocolate."Vinay interrupted."Oh,but you always take cappucino na..."
"Used to...never liked it frankly," Vinay said sheepishly.

The waiter took the order and went away leaving an awkward silence between the two of them.

"What's the deal Vinay?Kuch bolna hai toh bolo na...I'm quite stressed out by this whole 'break thing!"And what's with the new look..the hot girlfriend bhi hai kya?that's why all this change?"Riya was getting angry.

"Kissi girlfriend ke liye nahi,apne liye..' uttered Vinay.

"But you weren't like this at all!Riya spoke..utterly confused.

"How would you know?I only showed you what I thought you would like to see in your boyfriend.Not who I really was.'re a wonderful girl and I love you..with all your quirks and craziness.But I always felt you wanted a different me...I didn't want to lose you.For the first time,I genuinely wanted to be the best guy you could be with.The easiest way was to disguise myself as 'Riya's Vinay-who's on time,who dresses up nicely,never says no to you,your choices are his choices...But I realised,I was always 'your Vinay',not 'Vinay'..the person I actually am.

Riya was shocked.She listened without saying a word. Vinay thought he had lost her.He knew her silence is worse than the cappucino he so hates!While he was figuring out his next big move,he noticed Riya doodling on a tissue paper.When she was done,she showed it to him.

It had two caricatures of Vinay-one looked prim & proper and unhappy.She had named him "Riya's Vinay".The other one looked messy yet happy and she had named him "Riya loves Vinay'.

Vinay smiled from ear to ear.He held her hand with a lesson learnt-the best way in which you can disguise yourself is 'to be yourself'.

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  1. Awesome !! my first reaction after reading this. Beautifully penned the reality. Keep thinking, Keep Inspiring :)

  2. wow..just awesome..loved ur writing.


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