Fool Me Twice

My heart has been fooled many a times
Once or twice doesn't even count.
Every time it hurt more than the last time
Once or twice doesn't even count.

Still, I chose to wear it on my sleeve,
To stop those,who were eager to leave.

But left they still,
They were here to leave;
Just tossed my heart back to me,
And I put it back on my sleeve;
Just in case I met someone,
Who didn't want to leave.

Years came and went by,
All I heard was an empty good bye..
And my heart turned more and more sad
The bruises and the incisions,
Hurt so bad..

And every time they hurt more than the last time,
Those thousands of moments,I can't even recount,
Once or twice doesn't even count.

But,was I a fool to get the hurt?
I even tried changing my shirt!
Perhaps, with a shorter sleeve,
To let my heart peek out,
And stop anyone,
Who wanted to leave..

And I still got fooled
Not once, not twice
More times,than I ever could realize..

But now I've grown-smart and wise,
And I have my own theories,
Now,I love to theorize.

So I know,that the fool I thought,I was..
I wasn't..
To hold onto someone who could never fit into my life,
And stopping them from taking a leave,
By wearing my little heart on my sleeve..

Well,I turned out to be a bigger fool!
And all this while,I never realized..

But now I have grown-smart and wise
And I have my own theories and I love to theorize.

And now I know
That I need to play with my heart, a little peek-a- boo,
For those who are meant to stay,
Will just do.

#This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda#


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