Yes, it hurts.

"The thing about pain is, that it demands to be felt"
-The Fault in our stars.

There is something very soothing, very calming about pain; about being in pain. I mean any kind of pain-physical, mental or emotional.

Of course being in pain is painful! It’s horrible and pathetic. How we all wish, we never experience any such thing ever in our lives.

But the truth-at a very unconscious level is that we celebrate this pain. We take pride in this pain.

Simply, because it gives us a sense of being alive and human. As if our ultimate goal in this life is to suffer and to be in pain. 

Well, at one level, by virtue of being human, we are bound to go through this pain. But the purpose of this pain is not pain itself. It’s about this journey that we have to undertake-willingly or unwillingly; to become the person that we need to be, in this lifetime.

However, for most part of our lives, we just focus on the experiential aspect of pain-the simple fact that ‘it hurts’ and not on why going through this hurt, at this point is important.        

Pain is not just an act in itself-without any roots and without any path. It has a cause,that needs to be understood and eliminated. It has a path, that we all need to traverse in order to reach the ultimate state of ‘not being in pain’.

For instance,what does a fracture in the hand or leg teach us?one, that we need to be more careful with our physical body.two, it tells us who all really ‘care for us’ and who all, do ‘we really care about’. 

So when this girl/boy that we really like,doesn't call or message to find out how we are,we feel dejected.And when he does, it fills our heart with joy.

To know,that our suffering,our pain means something to someone,is a big thing.As if, the only reason we feel this pain is to get some kind  of validation from the external world.

A validation that tells us that we are cared for, our struggle is appreciated,we are viewed as strong and capable.

But thats not the only reason we suffer or feel pain.

It's a journey that ultimately leads us to our ownself. 

When we fracture a body part,we go through so much pain and discomfort.By the time the cast is about to come off, we have already discovered a new potential within ourselves.In retrospect,we might have even performed some very difficult tasks that could not have been done by someone else at that time.

And the story is the same for emotional pain,trauma and injury itself.Pain is pain-no matter  in which form we experience it.

We celebrate this emotional pain. We revel in the fact that we have gone through so much. As if,it is an indicator of the fact that we’re human; that we’re meant to suffer.

However, it’s not the case. Just because we’re human, we’re not meant to suffer. We suffer because we’re meant to learn from this experience and become more and more humane.      

We suffer, because at every stage in life, we’re meant to learn something more about ourselves and come closer to being our real self.

What do we learn from heart breaks and break ups? May be, we were with the wrong person. May be, the time was not right for a relationship or may be, our priorities changed. 

In every reason, there is a reason for us. Merely looking at an isolated incident of pain and heart break is not enough.

 A pain without reason, serves no purpose because pain serves a purpose.

If physical pain tells you that something is not right with or in your body. Then mental or emotional pain tells you, that something is not right for you or with you.The only reason we get knocked down by life is,so that we can get back up again.And in the end, It's not about the result,as much as about the process. 

Yes,suffering and pain is inevitable-its a given in our lives. An existential fact.

Yet,we choose to isolate it from the true meaning that it serves for us.Thus,making the pain bigger than our life purpose.

So,the purpose of life is not to suffer.But,to learn from this suffering.

And those who have felt,acknowledged,accepted and traversed through their pain; have also seen the light,at the end of the tunnel.


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