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The Never Ending Summer

The Joy of Summer!
Every summer morning I wake up and start preparing myself for the hot day ahead. I hunt for the cool,breezy prints in my wardrobe that make me feel light and comfy :) I slide my feet in my favorite pair of 'chaps'(chappals :p ), put on my sun glasses and say 'hello' to the sun!
Somehow I don't find myself complaining about the sweltering heat and the sweaty days! Somewhere,I know I love summers.
Yes,summers in Delhi are killing! You feel as if you're sitting right on a burning gas stove at times!
Yet,there's something about this season that I like..
It makes me feel free.. Free from the burden of endless layers of clothes that I have to pile on in winters. It gives me a sense of time that is long lasting;I can go on counting the months on my fingers and tell myself 'I have time'..It's so wonderful to hear the chirping of the birds from morning to evening. I wonder if I ever notice that during winters :p

But the best part is when aft…

The Edge of the world

Standing at the edge of my world...

You pull,I pull back You push,I push back You kick,I kick back... Everything you do to me,I do it back.. Sometimes less,sometimes more..
They say you're called life.. I say it too Sometimes I love, Sometimes I abhor..
I don't know what you want from me; Where do you want me to go.. What do I do to live you..and not let you go
You've pushed me and pushed me so much; I have no feet left to stand. Yet,I'm standing at the edge of my world Wondering where I am...
I can fall back or I can fall down, Either way I fall And fall I will-strong and hard Only to wake up to your call...
*This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.*

Walking with the shadows

                                                Walking with the shadows

I walk with the shadows
That once breathed. I hold their hand and keep moving on... As if they exist; As if they still talk to they did before I walk with them, Like they walked with me before.
Of course I've moved on I moved on long ago. I just like to hold their hand and keep walking.. I just like to listen to them and keep talking.. Because they still exist And I walk with them Like I walked with them before.
I moved on; But couldn't let go So I held onto their shadows Because I couldn't let go. Those empty spaces in my heart, Just; wouldn't let me part. So I created shadows more and more And kept walking with them, Like I did before....