The Never Ending Summer

                                                           The Joy of Summer!

Every summer morning I wake up and start preparing myself for the hot day ahead. I hunt for the cool,breezy prints in my wardrobe that make me feel light and comfy :) I slide my feet in my favorite pair of 'chaps'(chappals :p ), put on my sun glasses and say 'hello' to the sun!

Somehow I don't find myself complaining about the sweltering heat and the sweaty days! Somewhere,I know I love summers.

Yes,summers in Delhi are killing! You feel as if you're sitting right on a burning gas stove at times!

Yet,there's something about this season that I like..

It makes me feel free.. Free from the burden of endless layers of clothes that I have to pile on in winters. It gives me a sense of time that is long lasting;I can go on counting the months on my fingers and tell myself 'I have time'..It's so wonderful to hear the chirping of the birds from morning to evening. I wonder if I ever notice that during winters :p

But the best part is when after a long, hot day, you enter home.You reach home to realize that the day isn't over yet. You can still see the bright sky and you still have time...and the time demands more and more.

More work, more play,more talking, more walking..

Summer brings with itself a sense of longevity. A feeling that all the summer sweat is worth a long night's sleep..

And beyond a point it's not about enjoying the air conditioner or cooler. No! Summer teaches you so much more.

The sun says "I'm hot!Can you face me?" And we say yes! So we wear our coolest possible clothes,the trendiest sunglasses,caps and umbrellas, chilled out footwear and we're ready to roll!

The moon says "Hey! I may not be that cool after all!" But we still enjoy our summer nights :) Sometimes adding a dash of cold coffee,ice creams etc makes us value the summer even more! 

And not to forget the most valuable aspect of summer-water! Can we manage without it ?I say no!

Summer is never ending because by the time it paves the way for a glorious (and sometimes chilling to the bone) winter, we have become more patient,resilient and tactful.

In fact,summer makes you realize the importance of winters as well! Summer vacations?
Who goes to a cold place in winters? But here come summers and off we go to some cool,breezy and cold place!

Seasons are the way they are because they're meant to teach us something.

If everyday,you can look up at the sun and tell yourself that you will brave out this crazy heat; you have achieved something wonderful within. 

Because when winter comes,the season has changed and the long,never ending summer has made you stronger, more patient and may be so much more.

So before we decide to hide into our cocoons to save ourselves from the biting winter chill, let's make the most of this freedom and time that summer brings along!

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