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Hey you..listen to me

I've known you forever,
for as long as I've known myself You are a part of me and I am yours I've seen you go through more than your share and I wish I was there...
To tell you that it's ok to cry and ask why it's ok to shout and open your heart and let your feelings rip you apart for there will always be a chance for you to put yourself back together tomorrow may be far but close enough for you to hope for a fresh start
I wish I could tell you then that life goes on.. with or without you and that time flies taking away all you once had but you will always have me with you and beside you to hold your hand and walk you through for what is gone,may not come back ever.. but once the wounds heal and your heart has mended itself life comes in a new format so you can again get in touch with yourself
I know we were young and immature and afraid to take some chances then and we did take some,that didn't turn out so great we made mistakes and weren't ready to wait but that's how we learn a…