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why friendships are important

We all give lot of importance to the very idea of friendship.By that I don't mean to say that you need to always do something extraordinary for someone or be perfect in every way possible,to be someone's friend.
Friendship is nothing but an extension of yourself...your friends reflect what you are,what you stand for,what you believe in.
Just like how our parents and siblings mean the world to us,so do our friends.Its not a revelation that m sharing.But just a simple fact..that sometimes we all tend to take for granted.

Every occasion that comes along in our lives,opens the door for all kinds of friends to walk in and be a part of it in some special way.
There are those whose mere presence is simply comforting.An tiny effort that they make for you,stays with you for years to come.Even though you may not talk everyday,may not share your life stories,but the fact that they somehow manage to be a part of your life.. is enough.

Then come the close buddies,with whom you…