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Set me free

May be It's not the time
May be not the moment May be It's not right But just for the moment
Let's forget what ought to be And just let things be Just for the moment Hold my hand and set me free
I know deep down you feel it too And it's not the thing to say But life didn't promise us roses It wasn't fair anyway 
Put your feet on the ground  And feel the earth beneath Let something change inside you  Because it would anyway
Look into my eyes Like you always wanted to And tell me you're there                                                           And hear me say the same to you Because you know I'm there 
Smile at me like you smile from within A smile that reaches your eyes Hold my hand Like you always wanted to And let's go there 
A place where we are free.. 

Time is not what binds us Time sets us free All you need to do is hold my hand