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We are humans. We love to love. There comes a time in all our lives, when we find that perfect someone. That someone, with whom we can envision our most beautiful days and the loveliest of the nights. Just the mere thought of that someone, gives a whole new meaning to life.

We end up doing things we have never done.We feel those emotions which we didn't even know existed within us. Our world turns upside down and we enjoy it.
Some say we get blinded by love. I say, we get consumed by love. It's not that we can't see what's happening.But just the fact that it's happening,is bigger than any other truth at that moment in time.
We are all incomplete in some or the other aspect and we're always looking for completion. Finding the love of our lives, is the greatest sense of completion one feels, when that actually happens.
No matter where you go, what you do, you always yearn to share a part of your life with that someone, who makes you feel so different.
And when that ha…

The voice of silence

Sit next to me, Let me talk. For once keep quiet! Say nothing, Don’t talk.
'You talk too much!' she says, And never listen! But I do,I say.. I always listen..
To everything, that everyone says 
Yet ,you say I don’t..
Do you listen to yourself she asked? I said.. I don't.
And then she walked away..
Left me in a trance, I closed my eyes and gave myself a chance..
I shut out the world, The noise and the crowd; And wondered what’s within me.. A burning flame, a beating heart and a tiny voice That never screams, seldom does it shout.
I sit with it every night, listening to its innocent whispers.. I shut out the world, The noise and the crowd, And hear my silence…a bit loud..
Sometimes I hear the sea waves roaring, Sometimes I see the sea waves soaring. Sometimes I hear me talking to myself, Giving me company in a world so alone; Showing me dreams, Some day I may own...
I wonder why I took so long  To listen to the silent song ? A song that my voice sings My voice of silence Such joy it brings!
Yes,there are sorrow…