The voice of silence

Sit next to me,
Let me talk.
For once keep quiet!
Say nothing,
Don’t talk.

'You talk too much!' she says,
And never listen!
But I do,I say..
I always listen..

To everything, that everyone says 

Yet ,you say I don’t..

Do you listen to yourself she asked?
I said..
I don't.

And then she walked away..

Left me in a trance,
I closed my eyes and gave myself a chance..

I shut out the world,
The noise and the crowd;
And wondered what’s within me..
A burning flame, a beating heart and a tiny voice
That never screams, seldom does it shout.

I sit with it every night, listening to its innocent whispers..
I shut out the world,
The noise and the crowd,
And hear my silence…a bit loud..

Sometimes I hear the sea waves roaring,
Sometimes I see the sea waves soaring.
Sometimes I hear me talking to myself,
Giving me company in a world so alone;
Showing me dreams,
Some day I may own...

I wonder why I took so long 
To listen to the silent song ?
A song that my voice sings
My voice of silence
Such joy it brings!

Yes,there are sorrows and tears too,
There are worries and fears too,
I hear my voice jumping up and down,
Wondering what’s going wrong..

And then I see myself, comforting my silence
Telling it ,that all will be all right
And that it’s been a long night.

So we hug each other and just smile,
Together we decide to travel another mile..

And keep talking..
Listening to our silence and keep talking..

 This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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