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Have and want : two sides of the same coin

One look at our lives(and I don't mean to generalize),and all I get to see,hear and feel is the throbbing of these things called 'have tos'.I have to finish this,I have to do this,I have to pick her up,I have to go there etc'.It's good in a way,that our life is quite organised.We don't really 'have to' plan anything voluntarily,out of a sheer want or desire for them(you're lucky if you're on the other side of this!).
But on the flip side,it's really not that fun or interesting.Come to think of it,it doesn't even do anything for us,except keeps a check on the things that need to be done. Are needs enough to sustain a quality life?Should life be a totally hand -to-mouth kind of a thing?
I don't know...and even if I did,I wouldn't endorse this view.We are as important as the world.After all,we make the world.The world doesn't make us.
If we have a huge list of 'shoulds,musts,haves' etc; well,someone created it in the first p…