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Holding on to the desire to let go

I don't know if there are some more people like me ,who are perpetually embroiled in an existential quest to find the meaning of their lives.People who often wake up with thousands of questions,  about where their life is heading,where would they want to go,what would they like to be...
People who experience a sense of vacuum in their lives along with the never ending struggle to fill that vacuum.
People like me,whose lives are filled with dozens of 'I don't know' responses.. And sometimes this state of not knowing feels like a thousand daggers across the heart.
I mean how can you not know?
It's your life,your space,your dreams and hopes and all you can say is 'I don't know'.
What do you want? Why do you want it?Why don't you want it?What do you want to do ? And so many more questions with just one answer...I Don't know.
How long will this not knowing last? And to that also,you get an 'I don't know'.
So then how will you become what you need t…

Women and Weight!

Have you ever stopped and wondered about  what all you have to do each and every day? When was the last time you did something that you enjoy and actually enjoyed it? Don't you also think about the time when you used to be fit, active, slim, used to exercise, look good and feel good about yourself?

Often when you look at yourself now,you are clouded with negative thoughts about yourself. You wonder, "Where has all the time gone? Will it ever come back? Have I become less attractive than before? Why am I putting on weight? What can I do about it? Will I be able to do something about it?" or perhaps, you have just one thought," let it be..who cares".
Women are increasingly becoming more and more susceptible to hormonal imbalances and weight issues. Being overweight not only impacts their physical appearance, but psychological and emotional well-being as well. At some point or the other, all women have gone through this feeling of low self-esteem and a certain amoun…