We are humans. We love to love. There comes a time in all our lives, when we find that perfect someone. That someone, with whom we can envision our most beautiful days and the loveliest of the nights. Just the mere thought of that someone, gives a whole new meaning to life.

We end up doing things we have never done.We feel those emotions which we didn't even know existed within us. Our world turns upside down and we enjoy it.

Some say we get blinded by love. I say, we get consumed by love. It's not that we can't see what's happening.But just the fact that it's happening,is bigger than any other truth at that moment in time.

We are all incomplete in some or the other aspect and we're always looking for completion. Finding the love of our lives, is the greatest sense of completion one feels, when that actually happens.

No matter where you go, what you do, you always yearn to share a part of your life with that someone, who makes you feel so different.

And when that happens, it's exhilarating. To see that you mean something to someone, who in essence is so different yet similar to you, is a wonderful feeling.

Even one sided love brings to you similar  feelings and emotions. And along with that comes the yearning to make this perfect person, a part of your life forever.

But not everyone is lucky in love. Not everyone meets their idea of perfection in the first go.
Sometimes, the ideals of perfection are shattered. The exhilarating world ceases to exist. The cloud of emotions bursts on your head and hits you hard.

Everyone is looking for completion in some or the other ways and not all the ways will coincide.
But it's heartbreaking, to lose the love of your life.

And that's the end of life. The end of letting yourself experience through world the way you want to. The end of believing in love. The end of believing that you can find love again. Because the love that you wanted, was just so perfect. Nothing will ever match up to it.

It's the truth.

But not the complete truth.

The truth is, that all relationships come to us with a learning.When a relationship is fulfilled, it's not that the learning ends. Fulfillment of a relationship is not the learning. Rather, many, many small and big learnings and lessons lead to the fulfillment of a relationship.

Failure on the other hand, is not the end. It's also a lesson for fulfillment-for the soul.

First, it shatters the idea of perfection in our head. And that is good. Because in reality, perfection doesn't exist. It's just a standard that we set. It's a standard that can always be reworked and modified and updated.
And the best part is, that once this ideal is shattered,we learn to break out of our confines and look at ourselves and people for what they really are. Not what we assume, imagine or want them to be.

Broken or unfulfilled love teaches us to be patient. It leads us a little closer to ourselves. It shows us those facts of ourselves that would not have come out otherwise. Therefore, it makes us grow.

We all need that one jolt in life that forces us to evaluate our beliefs, values, thought processes, desires objectively.

And it's not just love for humans,but love in general is meant to complete the incomplete aspects of our existence.

And because it's such a powerful feeling and emotion;the loss and that unfulfilled love, also consumes us.
It may sound absurd, but objectively this consumption is also good in a way, because it teaches us to fight and come out stronger. We become like caterpillars waiting to become butterflies.

The only problem is, we don't focus internally.We focus on the sense of being consumed.

 We replay the incidents, the memories in our mind and hold on tightly to those emotions which were so right for that time. Not realizing, that what happened, happened for a reason. 

We might need to evaluate the whole situation in a different light. A light that is meant just for us.

Lost love won't come back. Those emotions, those moments are gone...

But what has stayed with us are those lessons which we need to pick up.

Because sometimes, thousands of broken pieces put together make a more fulfilling picture  than our 'perfectly' flawed one.


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