Wow-at first sight


                        He didn't know who  HE is..

"Why are you here?"

"Because I want to talk to you."

But I don’t want to.(Starts fiddling with the hair brushes and other accessories kept on the dressing table).

"You know you’re pretending to ignore me..right?"

"Wrong!I am ignoring you.Do you mind leaving me alone? I’m trying to get ready here. I have to leave for work in sometime."

He can see that Sam is really irritated.Yet,HE refuses to leave.

"You have 45minutes at your disposal..You woke up an hour earlier than your usual time.You’ve prepared everything. Now you’re just killing time...aren’t you? "

Sam throws his hair brush in a fit of irritation.”What is your problem??I have been trying to shut you out since quite a few days now..but you just wouldn’t leave me alone!It’s because of you that I haven’t slept properly the whole night.I’ve been jumping up and down like a clown since morning! What do you want??”

“I want your troubles to end Sam. You know I care for you. Every time I try to talk to you, you shut me out.Sometimes it’s the crap music ,sometimes your inane phone conversations with random people, sometimes you load me with so much work that I have no option but to retreat..”

“Help me? By asking me to do things that are not possible and not to mention..troublesome for everyone!”
“I know..and I’m sorry  about that. But,you know it’s for your good right..Why do you want to take everyone’s burden upon yourself? Why do you blame and criticise yourself for mistakes and faults of others?Why are you leading this false life?"

“Because those people are my loved friends, my family..they trust me, rely on me, expect some things out of me..And I feel bad when I can’t live up to their ideals.”

“What about your own ideals? Your own life, your wishes, desres...they mean nothing?”

“I have everything..can’t you see? WE..have everything! See..this house, the fleet of servants, our favourite cars..people love me ..adore me..What else do I want..What else do you want?”

“I want you to be genuinely  happy Sam..I want us to be happy...If you truly were happy, you wouldn’t need to shut me out.You would be listening to me and changing things for yourself..taking charge. Everyone else is in charge of your own life except you. You’re so busy being this famous, rich,loved-by-family kind of guy, that you’ve forgotten who you really are..People just tell you what they want you to do and you just do it. You don’t even wait for me to say anything!”

“Because you give me a headache! If I start listening to you, I would end up losing all this that I have...”

“Yeah...all these material comforts which just make your headache go away...”

“Exactly! “
Dead silence.

“Look, I know what you’re saying is correct..There is no me in my own life...but ..that’s how it’s going to be..please just stay quiet and let me work and do all the other things that I don’t want to do but have to do...I chose this life..I didn't know what I was getting into..and now I don't think i can get out.."


His words were interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

“Sam!What the hell!It’s been over an hour and you’re still inside!”

Sam hurriedly opens the door only to find his ravishing wife looking even more ravishing!

“ look amazing and that too early in the morning!Any special plans for the day?”

“Yeah” replied Sia.”I’m going to meet Anita. We’re spending the day together..And you know she loves to see me all dressed up. She feels special ...”

Just then Sia’s phone rang.It was Anita.

“Hey love!” Sia  answered.”Of course sweetheart!Will be there in about 45minutes...Yea..Sam is dropping me...Haha..I know he’s a sweetheart....”

Just as Sam was opening the door of his car to let his beloved wife slide in; HE called out to him again.

“What!?”shouted Sam angrily.
“Nothing.Just wanted to say WOW!At first sight, who would say that your wife isn’t really your wife..and I’m sure everyone ,including you,agrees to the fact that you indeed make a good husband...
Only if, you would’ve given a shot to a real relationship and a real marriage...Only if  your wife actually loved you ...and not Anita...”

“Sam!what is wrong with you today!”bellowed Sia from the car.

“Ugh..nothing Sia..just head hurts...”

“ everyday. Go see a doctor.And for now, please hurry up!”

Sam went around the car and sat on his respective seat quietly.

"The price people pay for ambitions....The price I have paid....."

And Sam drove off with Sia; like every other day..leaving himself behind-The 'HE' that wouldn't shut up.

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