Sometimes all u need in life is a leap of faith..a leap towards yourself, your fears, anxieties, wants...
With the faith that no matter what will be there to hold yourself..and even though this sounds very’s a much more difficult task to attempt.

We are so busy leading a well structured, well planned life; that uncertainty scares us.
And moving towards one’s own self, involves loads and loads of it!

As time passes, we become more and more cut off from our own selves...lose our identity, to a host of relationships and responsibilities.

But wouldn't it be better to find yourself in everything that u pursue..Every relation you make or break?
Sometimes one needs to block the peripheral be able to see what lies ahead of us..

The essence of life perhaps, never was and never will be succumb to collect the bits..add our own colors..smoothen out the edges..and make our own masterpiece.

Because sometimes, life is not "as it happens".Life is "as you make it".


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