what do we most want from life..

what do we most want from life?

Is there something that underlies all the efforts that we make to build a life?
what do we most want out of our life?
for some people life is all about being successful,powerful,rich etc
while some are happy with little achievements and the little things of life.
and there are those who let life just happen on its own..not knowing where they are headed..but they welcome life with open arms..and embrace the destination that awaits them.
we want so much from our life..but at the end of the day..its just that one things that makes all our struggles and achievements worthwhile...'happiness'.

isn't it?
we feel happy when we achieve something?
when we are applauded..when our wish gets fulfilled..when our efforts are rewarded..
we are happy when our loved ones are happy..
we are happy..when we are actually happy!

whats the point of being at the top..when you are not satisfied with what uv got?when it doesnt brong a smile on ur face...and all u can think of is what to do next?
what do u do with so much money,when u have no time to enjoy it?
whats the point of doing something that only frustrates u or puts loads ofnquestions in ur mind?
happiness is not something that just comes out of things on its own!
actually..we dont quite end up doing the things which simply generate happiness..
like everything else..it requires effort..it requires time..sometimes less and sometimes more..

yes,there are things in life that we cannot control.
some things just have to be done...because at times we get stuck and we feel that we have 'no choice'.
but amidst all this,are we still not hoping to be happy?to be content?to be peaceful?

whatever we do in life..it will always be a means to an end...the end being happiness.
so then what is happiness?how do we define it?
being 'happy' involves so much..being able to smile for no reason at all :)
being able to pursue what you love doing..even if it is in small amounts..
being able to spend time with people we like,we love..
just about anything that brings peace in our mind and a smile on our face.

for at the end of it..our quest in life should never be about earning for the sake of it or earning more than someone...
being powerful to suppress the less powerful ones..
or achieving more just to prove a point or going mad over simply achieving.
surprisingly,we always get time and the 'piece' of mind over frivolous things in life..
but we lose ourselves to that time..to those emotions that we don't need to cater to..

nothing matters more in life than a sense of contentment,peace and happiness...that a life well lived can give..

and yes,its just a perspective ..:)


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