Minding the mind

Sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night..palpitating,sweating,wondering what just happened...
She worries a lot about everything,gets stressed at the drop of a hat.People say she takes things too seriously and that she should learn to relax.She tries, but fails to understand, how this whole relaxation actually works.

She feels she's about to  go mad..can this worrying ever stop?

Their child has nightmares every night.He's scared to sleep alone.He's 14-not a child anymore.Yet,not big enough to understand what's happening.At school he finds himself getting into fights and arguments unintentionally.He feels lonely because he has no friends.He tries to tell his parents but they blame him.Is there actually something wrong with him?Is he a bad boy?

She cries herself to sleep on most days.Sometimes she finds herself so overwhelmed with her thoughts and emotions ,that tears start flowing even during the day..she's lost and gloomy...

Are these people mad?

Some of us can handle our thoughts and emotions better than others.Some can't.So, is that a crime?

All of us have a twisted state of mind..and emotions are exhibited strongly by others, than the rest of us.We all go through so much in our lives, that bogs us down at some point or the other.

We can feel whatever we want.Yet,we can't talk about it..why?

The one thing that keeps us going..alive and kicking,is not allowed complete expression.The mind-the software that keeps the body's machinery going, is supposed to be tucked inside somewhere in our head, and not allowed even a whimper.

There is stigma,there is taboo,there are labels attached to anything related to the mind..Why?

Being depressed,anxious,stressed,compulsive,lonely,aggressive etc is not a disease.It's a state of mind and states are transitional.We keep shifting from one mental state to another, right from the time we open our eyes early in the morning.

And yes,sometimes we get stuck on one state..because at that time,that state serves a purpose.

If I'm depressed then clearly something in my life is causing that depression.Watching comedy movies,going out with friends is not a solution..it's just a distraction.Seeking help is a solution.

If i'm anxious and stressed,then yes,there are things which are not in my comfort zone.And I am unable to move past them,to make that transition from a worried to a relaxed state.I know I should relax,but I can't.So what should I do?

Some people are blessed with a mind that needs to be programmed and used differently.No matter what names we give to them-autistic,dyslexic,mentally challenged,obsessive,compulsive,schizophrenic etc; the fact is,that they are human.

They are just not the same as the rest of us.And that's fine!No two people are the same any way.But it's just human to attach a name,a label to anything that is not 'regular' or 'like us'.

And that doesn't help.

What helps,is actually going out there and helping the ones who genuinely need it.We are all struggling in our day to day lives.Some struggle more,some struggle less. And at any time,it's all right  to reach out and ask for support,encouragement,guidance or at times,just a listening ear.

Physical health cannot flourish without a balanced state of mind.And we are all embroiled in a quest to find our own balance.

Mental health is more important that physical health because it is the mind that ultimately drives the body.What's the point of a car without a steering wheel?

It's high time that we all decided to take ourselves, a little more seriously and break out of these limiting notions about mental health,mental illnesses and psychological and psychiatric help available at our disposal.

It's only human to experience a particular state of mind.It's human to behave a little out of order,because not everything in life can be planned or controlled.

Asking people to 'relax','take it easy','ignore' is not always a solution.If they could do it,they would have done it.

The fact that they can't means,that there is a deeper issue that needs to be unearthed and resolved.Therefore,encouraging people to reach out to counselors and psychologists is actually a good idea.

It's actually amusing to see how everyone turns into a counselor for those who are distressed.But,we don't take the profession itself seriously.

As I blog on this issue,I can only hope and wish that those who are distressed,are able to realize that there is help available and are encouraged and supported by their friends and family to take that help.

I hope and wish,that more and more people begin to show sensitivity towards their own and others' state of mind.
Because it's not that we are not aware of the concept of mental illness,counseling,psychology etc., but it's convenient to be rooted in redundant beliefs.

It is the breaking out that requires effort.

I hope and wish that more of us are able to break out.


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