Chalti rehti hai zindagi
Chalte rehte hain ham bhi.
Kabhi Yun bhi hota

Ki kitni door nikal aye

Ye bhi pata na chalta

Kya peeche chhod aye

Ye bhi ab yaad na rehta..
Zindagi toh chalti rehti hai phir bhi
Bas ye saansen ruk jati hain
Kya khoya kya pata
Iski ginti adhoori reh jati hai."  -damini

Life is all about running.Running behind something/someone,running ahead, running with,running because of...

But it's just the running that defines our life now.How well you can run,how far can you reach,what all can you pick up along the way, to help you moving forward.

It's like a movie shot, where the director decided to leave it midway. And now the actors go on and on and there's no one to say 'CUT'.

We all know, that no matter how good the actors are, they're not the only ones who can take a film to its destination. It needs a director-someone to hold the reins and steer the film to where it needs to go. Yes, it needs a lot of other things-good music, good production team, costumes, promotions etc.

When a film tanks, there are so many reasons that are accorded to its failure.Everyone plays passing the buck.
But what happens when your life-your own movie tanks because 'you' as the competent director, producer and actor couldn't find the time time to look into your internal monitor and take a decision to say 'cut' or 'next shot' or 'pack up'?

Why not  take some time out and re-evaluate your priorities? Make your life the hit movie that it deserves to be? The genre doesn't matter-drama, comedy, thriller, horror, romcom-does it?

Here's how I think we can make a perfect movie out of our lives-

1.Be the producer

  •   Prioritize- Don't make unimportant, super important. Ignore the little bumps that come  your way. Invest in the ideas you believe in. Invest wisely.
  •   Make your own choices-don’t wait for divine intervention! If you know what's wrong , you also know what's right for you. Yet, be smart enough to approach someone for help-not dependence
  •   Give yourself time-being a producer, managing so many things isn't easy, so have patience and let your heart n mind work things out.
2. Be the director :  
  •   You know what you want.You always do. Don't ignore your desires, your logics, your instincts. Yes, you may not always be right. But if you believe you're always wrong; well,you must have tattooed it on yourself!
  •   Take a break! If things are going too fast or not according to you-say 'cut' and look at things from a different angle.' Aise nai toh vaise try kar lo!.
  • Make mistakes- it's ok! We all do.The idea is to learn from them.
  • Appreciate the hard work that you put in everyday.Appreciate the hard work others out in for you everyday.Everyone is struggling. If you can see beyond their behavior, your own mental harassment is reduced.
3. Be the actor-

  • Know your strengths,weaknesses.Take time to indulge in yourself.
  • In every scene of life-give your best.and when you can't, trust your director to guide you.

Friends,family, time,hobbies-they're all that you need to hold your life together. They are your production team and your moods, thoughts, emotions-your soundtracks.

Once they're in place-it’s time for 'lights, camera and action!'


  1. great post Damini... especially the poem in the beginning :-)

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