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My start to a new life...

Life can never promise you an unforgettable farewell or a spectacular start.Life is life - its  unpredictable.One minute you can be laughing your guts out and the next you may have eyes swollen with tears.There is sunshine coupled with a little rain and a dash of the white moon.

The sky opens its arms wide enough to embrace the world and at times the night quietly slips by.

As they say the earth is round and so is life. It's a cycle that finds its completion in day and
night,endings and beginnings.And these can be tricky for some.

In 2010, I too longed for a new beginning.I was exhausted because I was fighting too much. There was too much on my plate and I just couldn't handle it.I hated my college life because the subject wasn't of my choice.Suddenly,my identity decided to go into a crisis! And the cherry on the icing was, a back injury that I had sustained within the first two months of college.

So as soon as my tormenting college years got over,I wanted to run away and start afresh.

Studying abroad in the prestigious King's College London sounds incredible right?

Well, that's exactly what I had thought.

I thought of a crazy college life filled with fun and adventure!I imagined a lovely apartment-super comfortable and cozy (like the ones we hear about in advertisements.For example, And because I still didn't know what I wanted to do,I decided to pursue my Masters in the same subject that I hated! It was convenient.

I packed my bags and was out of the mess or so..I had thought.

But life had other plans.Just when I thought my life in Delhi was bad, life in London was no match.I found myself falling into an abyss and there was no way I could pull myself out.


wanted to start afresh by running away from my problems. But life steered me in  another way.So there I was lonely, depressed and lost. At the cost of being independent,came loneliness and emptiness.Running away and ignoring my personal issues led me towards the dark room, locked away in my mind.I had to unlock it, go through the stuff that I had stored over the years and confront my fears.                    

When the water had risen above the mark,I again packed my bags.But this time,I decided to come back home.
I quit my course in just two months, leaving everyone shocked and disappointed.

No one goes abroad and just decides to quit. I did it because that was the right thing to do.Getting a degree and losing my mind in the process wasn't a good bargain.

And just when everyone thought that life for me had come to a stand still,I realized it was the fresh start I was looking for.

My start was not the start of a new course or career or a new life.It was the start of finding 'me' in all shades and colors. It wasn't a start of running away,but looking at my issues eye to eye and biding them a thankful good bye.

I came home to my family and friends, who I learnt to appreciate even more.I came home to
myself-a little broken,but with a firm resolve to piece myself to become stronger than before.

It was tough.

But it's made me who I am today-resilient,balanced and open.Now I know,that life gives you an option to run in all possible directions, only to find your ultimate destination. Running away,is not an option.

And now life isn't just about doing what everyone thinks is good,right or should be done.It's about what I think I can and want to do too!

Staying in London would have only given me a degree that may not have been very useful to me.

But quitting London gave me a chance to discover myself.

A start of a journey of being 'me'.


  1. There's nothing better than discovering oneself! Great write-up, Damini! :)

  2. Nice post and nice blog Damini. Have a look on mine as well please.


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