Decoding 'being you'

The idea of writing about this, popped into my head while I was watching Jabong's ad. The tag line is a very cool and comfy 'be you' and I was wondering what does it actually mean?
 You are you only..why would you be someone else and    dress like him/her! It's obvious, isn't it ?

But a few moments later it dawned on me...Ki aisa nahi hai!

Majority of us think we are unique and like no one else.. But a large part of us is still struggling to find its own voice and identity (you can ignore this line if its not applicable to you & you have found yourself :p).

So, I thought why not decode this 'be you' phenomena and understand it in a way that even I can use it :)

Here I go with my random thoughts -

BE AWARE!-of what you like,don't like,what you want to or don't want to do etc. and if you think you're lost,then try different things,experiment and explore.The world is your canvas my friend! Paint it however you like!:) Sooner or later,you will be in a more comfortable space. Some discoveries take time :)  

 SELF ACCEPTANCE GOES A LONG WAY- Change your self-talk to 'Han bhai,main aisa hi hun!' from 'Main aisa kyun hun'.Call it a genetic defect or whatever, but that's how you are! :P Short/tall,slim/fat,beautiful/less beautiful, handsome/less handsome, ambitious/clueless,successful/less successful etc.There are no absolutes in life.No one is 'just one thing'. We are complex beings with a highly rich inner life.What we choose to display and perceive, is a matter of time and priorities. Once we accept the way we are, half of life's battle is won!At some point  we need to say-'Jo hai yahi hai' and at best,you can improve yourself for your own happiness. But not because other people want you to be in a certain way.Weigh the pros and cons, of however you choose to be and then just live with it :) (khushi-khushi!:D)

DRESS AS YOU WISH! For some reason,dressing has become a big part of our society.Yet, the fact is, that no matter what you wear,you will still be judged :) And there's only a little bit that you can do to stop that.If judgement is the case, then might as well judge for yourself!'s party time and you're thinking 'what should I wear'. Why not change it to 'what do I want to wear tonight?'. It's a different feeling when you put on your favorite or comfiest dress and carry it off with panache, isn't it ? 

LEARN TO SAY NO! I have always wondered, why do all these spiritual sites and articles advocate this.But, slowly I am beginning to realize, the power of 'no'. Ghoom phir ke..baat ek hi hai-What are you doing for yourself and what are you doing for others. Following Christian Grey's mantra 'we aim to please' is best left to him only ;) (p.s. 'Aim to please' if it makes you happy-truly! )

DON'T THINK THIS ARTICLE IS ANTI-PEOPLE! Haha!No way! But it's easy to get lost in this vast sea of people,ideas,opinions and choices.The minute you find your own voice, no matter where you are, you can always give a shout out to yourself!

So,what do we know?
That..'be you' sounds a bit cliche  ..


What have we learnt ?
That... it's the best way to live happily ever after!


  1. Very comprehensive post on being ourselves just because we all are unique and can't please everybody around.
    Loved these positive aspects.


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