The 'I' in 'You'

Despite all the things we hate,
Despite all the things we fear,
Despite the deafening silences
and the noise that keeps tearing our ear;
We still go on and on,
Looking for meaning off and on.

The body may die
but the spirit lives on..
Egging us to go on and on...

There is a little thing inside of us that pushes us with all its might
Ready to awaken,
When it's the time to fight.

Seasons come and seasons go
but it just keeps moving us on,
Despite the silences and despite the fear,
We still go on..
Looking for meaning off and on...

A long time ago,I came to the conclusion,that I officially hate winters!'s a pretty,white season with  the Christmas and New Year spirit all around.But the problem is,that it's much too white and cold for me!

It's difficult for a tiny person like me,to load up on layers and layers of clothing and still not manage to  feel 'not that cold'.

Given a chance,I'd probably never step out of my room the entire season (or the only dreadful one month)!But the fact is, that just like all the other people who like/don't like winter or any other season,I also step out-everyday.I pile on as many layers of sweatshirts and jackets as possible and venture out to brave the chill,every single day.

The point here, is not winters.I'm certainly not going to give more names to the poor season,than I
 already have. :P I'm actually focusing on our innate ability to face our fears  and keep moving on.

There are so many things that we all fear; perhaps even dread. Deep down we know how crazily difficult it is,to go on with our lives,doing the things we should be doing;with that beast of a thing called 'fear' within us.

Yet, there is a small part of us,that does an amazing job of pushing us-allowing us to be our self-fight off all the things that unnerve us. This part of us gives us the much needed 'courage shots'!

For instance,an everyday courage shot for me,is to go and do my job.A job that I enjoy and that fills me with  warmth and joy.Thus, leaving little or no room for the chill at all :)

Some people don't enjoy their work,some marriages are on the rocks,some struggle to find an identity,some have to brave out painful situations every day.

Yes. they get tired. Frustration sets in.But till the time,they don't get what they're actually seeking; they keep taking these courage shots.

Of course,it means a great deal,if such a shot is handed over to us by someone who loves us.Someone who is the silver lining in our dark clouds. A little appreciation, a little encouragement,a few compliments here and there.That's all to do the trick-right?

Yet, you can never be hundred percent sure,that this will last a lifetime.Can you?

Everyone is struggling-little or more.The degree may vary,but the fact won't.
People may/may not be there with us, for us.But there's one person that will always be-the 'I' in you.

The shot becomes more potent the minute I give it to myself.There might be times when what people say,remains just on the periphery.But the minute the shot comes from within-it ignites something within.

So while you were thinking, you won't be able to even walk.Here you are preparing for a marathon!

You can wander off wherever you want. Seek solace in whatever,whoever you want.

But the best and the most potent and enjoyable shot will always be served by you.

The 'I' in you.

--Damini Grover


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