Inspiring Imperfection

I have tried a lot to be like everyone else that I meet,that I know.Sometimes I used to dress like them.Sometimes I used to try and look like them. I would often criticize myself for being too much of something or too less.

I'd say I was lost.

But the good part about being lost is,that you can go anywhere you want,until you find your perfect stop.

I am still lost.I still haven't found my perfect stop.But I have discovered myself in so many ways..

And all my discoveries made me realize how perfectly imperfect we all are.And we are all embroiled in this quest to hide those... To look our best,to behave in the most acceptable way possible,to do things that people would take notice of.

And I realized that these imperfections actually make us so different and unique. 

My imperfections make me so unique.

I don't look like most other people I know..because I wasn't born that way!I look like myself and that's fine!I don't dress like a lot of them..but I love how I dress. 

I am a nomad in a lot of ways.. I travel to wherever my heart takes me. I see things,I observe,I have my own thoughts and ways of working..and I enjoy that.

A while ago,I wanted to dance like other people,write like how they write,do the things they were doing...But not anymore.

I am imperfect and my imperfections inspire me each day to hone myself a little more.

I take life as it comes,do the best that I can each day.

Some days,I just want to sit out and soak-in the warm sun. Sometimes,I want to waltz under the moonlight.

Sometimes I have an unquenchable thirst for learning,wanting,believing and sometimes I am calm as a peace with all the things that I don't know,don't want,don't believe in.

Sometimes I want to be alone..sometimes I want to lose myself in the crowd.Sometimes I find others amusing and sometimes I am amused at myself!

I am a little bit of everything. Yet,I am nothing.

And when I accept that I am nothing, I can be anything.

I am imperfect in perfect ways and it's inspiring.

#This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.#


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