When you know that you don't know..

Amidst so many things that we keep doing day in and day out,there are bound to be some things that we have no clue about.

There are these blank moments..where you only have one phrase running through your mind-"I don't know".
It's like suddenly your world of knowledge,wisdom,ideas becomes a big zero.
Then starts the worry, the panic...and perhaps frustration."Why don't I know this?","How could I not know","What do I do now!"..and interestingly,this state of affairs prepares the base for some new ideas and insights.
In essence,its this zero that leads to more permutations and combinations.

There is nothing as absolute as knowing or not knowing.With so much information that we keep receiving and filtering constantly;we do know something about everything.How and when we use it, depends on what knocks on that particular department of our mind.

So this 'I don't know' is not really a genuine state of not knowing.Its a state wherein the mind switches off its active mode ,so that it can secretly work on 'knowing' what the issue is and what needs to be done at the moment.

And then comes a flash..a sudden shift in perception, called ' insight'; where everything falls into place and we seem to have just the right solution for everything!

This state of not knowing..is actually quite interesting.You know that you don't know.Yet,you also know that the answer will come for sure.

Perhaps,this " I don't know" is just a blanket that we slide under.So while we know that we don't know;we know, that the answer is just floating around.

Sometimes it takes longer and sometimes just a moment, to switch from "I don't know" to "I know" :)


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