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We enter his world with naked bodies and a pure soul. A soul, that lacks worldly knowledge. It can only experience. It wants to see, smile, touch and feel everything. It laughs with those tiny eyes, at all the people and things that amuse and cries at anything that is discomforting.

It wants to play and be caressed at the same time. It wants to cry and sleep at the same time. It’s pure and experiential.It can’t make choices because it doesn't know how to.
It’s the knowledge of the world that corrupts it. It learns to say the word ‘or’ and to impose it, on every other non-corrupt soul that it can find. And that’s how the world works.

Mine used to as well. Till I realized, that making choices in life, is also a choice. And I chose, not to make those choices, which corrupt my experiential soul.

And my soul is free. I am everything that I could be and much more. I am a Psychologist, a Dancer and an English Language trainer. I sing when I want to and write when I feel like. Talk about one job and I have two! Think about hobbies and I have many!

I am strong and weak at times. I am crazy and sensible. I am determined and lazy. I procrastinate and I am on time. I am certain and I am confused. I laugh, I cry and I can hold back my tears too. I endure with all the strength that I have and I allow myself to fall weak.

My heart has been broken a hundred times and I have joined it piece by piece. I have suffered with all my might and I am ready to take on more. For every time I fall, a part of me rises like a phoenix because I am ‘me’.

I am all this and a lot more. I am passionate about being ‘me’. And being ‘me’ is not easy. It’s simple and complicated .It’s calming and intriguing.It's daunting and stimulating.

I am my own questions and answers too...

Most of us spend our lives worrying that we’ll be seen. Not realizing, that most of it goes in not being seen at all. And I want to be seen, heard and felt.

I can’t make choices in life because I don’t want to. I can’t live in a box because I don’t want to. Because I exist and not just survive. Because, I am awake, aware and alive.

I am me and not my shadow and I take my pure spirit with me, wherever I go.

For when my time comes to gently slide into my sleep; my body will perish, but my soul will be rich with experiences galore;

Because I am and will be ‘me’ AND much more....

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