The joy of being broken

Meeting and getting to know people, is a very good thing.Not only because it expands your social circle,but it also expands your thinking prowess.It's an unconscious time travel taking you from who you were,who you are now and who you wish to be with the time to come.

Kaun kab aur kahan mil jaye,kya keh jaye,suna jaye...kya pata.

And even more powerful,is the impact that all that talking, listening and discussing makes.Sometimes,the best learning is the one which we never intended to do.The best realizations are the ones,we never intended to realize..

So just like all other random ramblings of mine,this one also, is a result of one such interaction that I had with a new found friend.While we were chit-chatting about the different kind of books that we both like to read; he sent me one picture that had a few lines written on it.

The one line that immediately got stuck in my head was -"I'm broken.Not out of order".

At that time, it was just a fancy line with a deep meaning, that I didn't understand completely. But now,sitting and watching the rain drops seep into different areas, switched my light bulb (read mind) on!

Am I broken? Yes.
How? In more than one more ways that I can ever realize.

And I'm glad that I am ...because I know, I have a long road ahead of me...a journey that I am going to enjoy...a journey of  building and rebuilding myself..

We all are broken in some ways or another. And we shall always be..because being broken means,that we have the option to rebuild.. Fill those little cracks in our mind, with whatever we want and continue molding

 ourselves differently.

So how do you define being broken?Well.. that's the best don't!

Because as time passes,you realize that there are certain cracks,crevices,bumpy spaces in your mind that you keep stumbling upon with time.

Whether you choose to fill them temporarily, permanently or leave them open for your choice.

Being broken doesn't mean you're weak.It simply means you have the chance to get hurt..take work preserve..

To just do whatever it takes for you to come a little closer to who you want to be and how you choose to be,at a point in time.

And yes,broken doesn't mean not functional or out of order.

It just means we are human at the end of the day...with our own little cracks..imperfections.. 

And that's the beauty of being.

That's the power of being broken...the power to rebuild.


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